Review – Grand Opening Harley-Davidson Chemnitz 2022

Review – Grand Opening Harley-Davidson Chemnitz 2022

It was a successful grand opening in Chemnitz, not only because everything on the construction site was completed on time, but also because the weather was perfect and bikers came by in large numbers on the opening day to take a look at the new Harley-Davidson store take.

A great atmosphere and just meeting people again, having the smell of gasoline in your nose and the sound in your ears. People exchange ideas again, and that's exactly how I felt when some of you approached me to talk about Harleys that I had done reports on. It was really good to get feedback from you in a live conversation.

The new Harley store has become a powerful store, right in the middle of Chemnitz, in the former Bahnhof-Mitte right next to MC Donald's, it couldn't be better. Investor Gerd Göbelbecker talked about how difficult it was to get the windows delivered in time so that they could be installed before the opening. In the end everything was completed to the point, which isn't really that easy these days. We also see at Harley-Davidson how difficult they are currently having with their ability to deliver.

The managing director Sibylle Thomas-Göbelbecker really wanted this old train station, which had been completely derelict for years and was really not a pretty sight. At their first dealer meeting in Milwaukee in 2008, a Harley-Davidson store in a typical US train station was shown on video screens, which was the inspiration for today's new store in Chemnitz. She took this idea with her from Milwaukee and so it was implemented in a Harley-Davidson store measuring over 2000 square meters, which is now one of the largest Harley-Davidson dealer locations in Saxony.

The Regional Vice President EMEA Kolja Rebstock was of course represented at the Grand Opening and the next management level Frank Schimmosek Sales Manager Germany and Austria, Nils Buntrock Marketing Manager DACH and other representatives from Harley-Davidson also made sure to take part.

Operations manager Mathias Lindner is equally enthusiastic about his new location, which will now join the ranks of Harley-Davidson Leipzig and Harley-Davidson Dresden . Harley-Davidson customers should find everything they want here. Mathias Linder would have liked to have more of the new models in the showroom by now, but unfortunately more is not possible at the moment, but we are still optimistic about the future.

The Harley community in Saxony is really well looked after. If the production lines were running again and the Harleys were delivered across the pond more quickly, this investment of around 2.5 million euros, which is not a matter of course these days, would certainly pay off at some point.

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