Rick's Mountain Run 2017 in the Pyrenees mountain range

Rick's Mountain Run 2017 – Experience the Pyrenees mountain range

Rick's Mountain Run

Shortly before the end of the season, the engines are started again for an extraordinary ride into the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees mountain range quickly becomes Rick's Mountain Run when you head out into the beautiful nature of southern Europe on your Harleys in October.

This mild time of year is the best time to cruise there, great routes and a unique natural landscape will captivate Harley

The name for the tour is “Rick's Mountain Run” and it stands for an exclusive Harley tour that is led by a small group of experienced tour guides and has something to offer for everyone, especially the service is not neglected .

 Rick's Mountain Run from October 8th - 15th, 2017

Rick's Mountain Run

This already starts in Germany, Rick's Motorcycles cooperates with SKS-Reisen , which is responsible for the transport of the Harley-Davidson machines, the company is the company's in-house shipping company and therefore the Harley can also be purchased authorized Harley-Davidson dealer Germany will be picked up and taken to the destination. You drive the Harley's from Germany to Torre Mirona in Spain, where the tour begins. Anyone who has a Harley-Davidson at their disposal and would like a guided tour at the tip of the Iberian Pyrenees Peninsula can take part.

Spain – France – Andorra

There are 200 peaks and peaks up to 3,400 meters high to explore. Rick's Motorcycles is an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer and is internationally known for its outstanding Harley-Davidson conversions. He values ​​absolute professionalism and this should also be reflected in this trip. The hotel on this tour is the Torre Mirona Golf & Spa Resort, from here the trips to the Pyrenees start with experienced tour guides.

At the end of the season, the Pyrenees are a very special destination that is not one of the usual tours on the roadmap, which makes it all the more interesting to experience them with like-minded people. 

The travel offer according to the organizer:

Driver package from: €1890 / passenger package from: €1290


  • 7 nights (double room) at the Torre Mirona Golf & SPA Resort
  • Meals: half board
  • Motorcycle transport there/back from the SKS Mogendorf warehouse
  • 1 surprise welcome package
  • Daily guided tours with our experienced tour guides
  • BBQ & wine tasting at a selected winery

Optional services:

  • Bike pickup/return at your Harley-Davidson dealer
  • Trip cancellation + trip interruption insurance
  • Flight from/to Barcelona
  • Airport transfer from/to Barcelona
  • Transporting the SKS luggage roll
  • Transportation of golf luggage

(All prices including VAT) / Dates without guarantee.

Further information can be found at: Rick's Motorcycles

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