RideLink GmbH, a pioneer in motorcycle technology, announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the innovative WingMan OBD Plus.

RideLink now introduces the WingMan OBD Plus!

November 17, 2023 – RideLink GmbH, a pioneer in motorcycle technology, announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the innovative WingMan OBD Plus. 

RideLink GmbH, the Frankfurt startup known for its advanced motorcycle safety solutions, brings a new era of vehicle diagnostics with the WingMan OBD Plus. This device not only offers motorcyclists the standard OBD2 diagnostics, but also enables the reading of manufacturer-specific data, a function that was previously only possible in special workshops.

RideLink WingMan OBD Plus
Offer for the first 100 orders

What can the WingMan OBD Plus do?

The RideLink WingMan OBD Plus is an advanced device for motorcycles that offers a variety of functions for safety, driving pleasure and vehicle diagnostics:

  • Advanced diagnostics and tracking features to collect advanced diagnostic data and tracking information from your motorcycle This includes the ability to read OBD2 data and manufacturer-specific data.
  • Live Tracking and Accident Reporting : The device offers live tracking features, meaning you can track your rides in real time. It also functions as an accident detector, which significantly increases safety when driving.
  • Theft protection and GPS tracking : The WingMan OBD Plus has reliable theft protection and 1Hz GPS tracking. These features increase the security of the motorcycle, both in terms of theft and in finding the motorcycle if lost or stolen.
  • Access to vehicle data in real time : Thanks to the OBD2 readout function, you get access to important vehicle data such as speed, speed and engine status in real time. This data helps you monitor the condition of your motorcycle and analyze your rides.
  • Further functions for driving fun and safety : In addition to the functions mentioned above, the WingMan also offers support for lean angle measurement, acceleration measurement and an eCall accident detector. These additional features enable comprehensive monitoring and analysis of your rides, increasing both the fun and safety of motorcycling​ ​.

In summary, the RideLink WingMan OBD Plus is a comprehensive tool for technically enthusiastic motorcyclists.

The WingMan OBD Plus goes beyond ordinary tracking. It allows riders to monitor real-time values ​​from the motorcycle, apply these to their rides and even code the motorcycle for improved performance and customization. The device also offers an exclusive option to read manufacturer-specific error codes, giving drivers a deeper insight into the condition of their vehicle.

My personal conclusion!
The WingMan OBD Plus seems to be a very interesting tool to make driving in a group more informative.

Live tracking and the accident detector can provide quick information in an emergency situation, especially if you are traveling in an unknown region. The technical functions are overall appealing. With the RideLink app it seems to be an extremely innovative offer for motorcyclists. Theft and GPS tracking
The WingMan OBD Plus could potentially be seen as an advantage with your insurance.

Comparing the price with a conventional anti-theft GPS transmitter is a decisive argument in favor of the WingMan OBD Plus. Access to vehicle data in real time
Reading out engine temperature, fuel consumption, speed, etc. is certainly a good thing, but I'm not sure whether you should delete the service note in this day and age when you can hardly do anything on new motorcycles yourself not really sure if that makes sense.
Anyone making changes in this area should know exactly what they are doing.

I don't see whether it really makes any difference if you can defer the service that the machine actually needs according to the manufacturer, at least for newer vehicles that are still under warranty. Conclusion:
Overall, WingMan OBD Plus is a very interesting tool that has really great functions.
There is also the RideLink app, which makes everything a smooth ride, especially if you want to record the tours you take. Personally, I don't see the vehicle diagnostics as the highlight at all, but rather the gathering of information for the big ride. When many people already talk in groups with Intercom motorcycle intercom systems, it makes sense if they also have the same information about the planned route on which Can see cell phone.
In my opinion, the theft protection with GPS tracking is RideLink's greatest asset. In any case, it is very exciting what innovative ideas we are offered here. Harleysite Volker Wolf

Special offer : For the last 30 days of the campaign, the WingMan OBD Plus will be offered at a price of EUR 349.95, before returning to the regular price of EUR 399.95.

Download the RideLink app from the respective app stores.

For more information about the campaign and to become part of the RideLink community, visit https://ridelink.com/site/wingmanobd and follow RideLink on YouTube, Instagram or the website.

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