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Harleywood lost his father

Yesterday Peter Prägant, the co-founder and initiator of the European Bike Week, was buried at Lake Faak. After a serious illness he died at the age of 71. In 1998 he made sure that the meeting took place at Lake Faak, I think many are grateful to him for that, he definitely deserved a little more attention, at least he should have he still got them here! The further development of the top event was of course a team effort, but he laid the foundation for it.


This created a previously unthinkable source of income for tourism on Lake Faaker See in the off-season. He was Faak's tourism director at the time and wasn't even a biker himself, he always rode a bike, but was so fascinated by the machines that he sought contact with Harley-Davidson Europe, which then led to the Harley-Davidson Davidson celebrated its 95th company anniversary at Lake Faaker See.

Faak Lake Faaker See film set

Today the European Bike Week is the largest Harley event in Europe, with around 100,000 thousand coming every year. Bikers from all continents to Carinthia in Austria.

During the main days, the road around Lake Faak becomes a one-way street, during which the bikes drive around the lake pretty much around the clock. The alpine surroundings invite you to go on wonderful tours, it's unbelievable that beautiful Harleys cruise through the area everywhere and explore the border triangle.

Peter Prägant has left behind one of the most beautiful Harley events, he can rightly be proud of what has developed from it, he has left us something special and we thank him for it.

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Even if he preferred riding a bike, have a good ride!!!

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