THE ROKKER COMPANY has ventured into a new product group: functional underwear . In our opinion, functional underwear not only has to function, but it should also look good.

A convincing material composition (30% Outlast, 70% PES) ensures a perfect body climate at all times. Who doesn't know the feeling: When you start your ride in the morning, the temperatures are often just above freezing point. In the afternoon in the south the sun beats down hotly and in the evening on the way home it gets really cool again. And it is precisely to cover these temperature ranges that THE ROKKER COMPANY launched its brand new functional underwear line.

To name just a few of the convincing advantages, here is a brief overview:

· Cool design combined with the unique Outlast technology
· Thermoregulation: Cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold
· Bad odors are neutralized
· Short drying time
· The comfortable fit ensures optimal freedom of movement


Functional underwear that is also impressive!

ROKKER leather jackets

THE ROKKER COMPANY has recently expanded its range to include leather jackets. In collaboration with Thedi Leathers, a collection of 4 different leather jackets was created that is impressive. All jackets are made from 100% vegetable-tanned cowhide in Europe, fit like a second skin and are waiting for you with lots of fine and exclusive details.

The included, barely noticeable CE-certified d3o protectors can of course be removed to make the jackets even more comfortable.

The prices of the jackets are around EUR 1200.-

New ROKKER jeans models

This year too, the Swiss ROKKER a few new trouser models for us. New to the range are the REBEL GRAY , the VIOLATOR and, for women, the DONNA GRAY .

With the two gray models REBEL GRAY and DONNA GRAY, ROKKER takes motorcyclists' fashionable wishes for stylish, beautifully washed gray jeans into account.

The VIOLATOR was launched to offer customers with strong thighs suitable trousers. This is cut a little higher in the waistband, the thighs are correspondingly wide and a nice compromise solution between too wide and too narrow was found at the foot with a medium width.

More information and other products at .

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