Rolling Stones play in Prague on July 4th to kick off their 115th anniversary

The Rolling Stones are coming to Prague

One day before the official start of the 115th Anniversay Party in Prague, the Rolling Stones are coming to the European city. The Rolling Stones rock the stage at Letnany Airport as part of the “No Filter” European Tour.

If you have already planned your tour to Prague, you should consider coming a day earlier and taking in the Rolling Stones concert. Tickets are still available and can be booked via the Prague event page. Remember that you also need a ticket for the Harley-Davidson event, which you can also get on the site.

This is a great opportunity if you want to experience old stage rockers Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood LIVE on the concert stage again.

Photo credit: Harley-Davidson Prague

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