Save the Hamburg Harley Days 2010

Hamburg , Ole von Beust, certainly did not expect this discontent among the population made Hamburg Harley Days

The wind in the metropolis of Hamburg is now a lot sharper, hopefully it won't blow Ole von Beust off his chair. Now the supporters of the event are mobilizing; you can download a PDF document from the organizer in the download area.

Together with Radio Hamburg and OLDIE 95, the signatures of Harley fans are collected and presented to the Hamburg Senate. The organizer has currently received around 20,000 thousand signatures.

In the meantime, however, the search for an alternative is continuing in the Hamburg area; the Harburg district will probably not be able to provide planning security for the organizer, and the town of Geesthach does not see itself as being able to cope with this mega event , which is expected to attract 150,000 - 200,000 thousand visitors. There are now various city names in circulation such as Pinnerberg, Norderstedt and Lüneburg that would be happy if they were included in the shortlist.

All cities with an economic interest would like to take advantage of this publicity. It's not easier to get advertising these days. The doors are open in many of Hamburg's outskirts for Three Days of Spin with Sustainable Development. Now the organizer's requirements for the location must fit into the concept.  

But now it's all about mobilizing against the current decision. Many companies and citizens from the Hanseatic city are conspicuously committed to pushing Hamburg out of the shadows and back into the light.

Mayor Ole von Beust's arguments are not arguments, either it's a personal opinion of his or it's because Harley riders have the pants on, that's not always the case at Christopher Street Day, but that's what happens City Hall flagged! Should someone understand that?

In Berlin there is also a mayor who prefers to celebrate at Christopher Street Day. Hopefully they won't thwart the organizer's plans in Hamburg, as last year's requirements were atypical for a world city. Who wants to go home at 10 p.m.

But different times come again, fortunately there are still cities that are not afraid of visitors who are otherwise advertised for a lot of money by tourism associations.

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