Sena QUANTUM series

PREMIERE: SENA presents QUANTUM series with Sound by Harman Kardon at Eicma in Italy

  • Crystal clear sound plus perfect communication when riding a motorcycle
  • Quantum Series: New headsets and helmets with Sound by Harman Kardon and Mesh Intercom™ technology from Sena
  • Live premiere at Eicma 2021, Hall 13, Stand M72 and available in stores from the beginning of 2022

Cologne, November 23rd, 2021 - SENA Technologies Inc. , one of the world's leading providers of Bluetooth® communication solutions for motorcyclists, presents Sena Quantum series motorcycles and motorcycle accessories EICMA in Milan (Italy) . Each product in the Quantum series features all-new speakers and microphones developed in collaboration with the audio experts at Harman Kardon. The result: first-class sound in the helmet. Sena's strength in motorcycle communication combined with Harman Kardon's exceptional audio expertise make the new Quantum product line unique and ensure previously unattainable sound and voice quality.

World-class sound in the helmet & perfect voice transmission when riding a motorcycle

The Quantum series offers an incomparable sound experience with Sound by Harman Kardon. Both the speakers and microphone were developed in collaboration with audio experts at Harman Kardon to set a new benchmark for world-class sound in the helmet. The premium speakers deliver crystal-clear sound, while the microphone with a newly developed sensor guarantees optimal voice transmission performance - no noise, no distortion. Both together offer even better audio quality. For the highest demands in communication between motorcyclists.

The Sena Quantum series at a glance: from headsets to helmets.

SENA 50C – sound plus camera function

The 50C combines Premium Sound by Harman Kardon and Premium Mesh Intercom™ technology with a 4K camera. A mesh communication device with an integrated camera that allows drivers to record videos in 4K at 30 frames per second or take 12MP photos in still, burst or time-lapse mode has been long-awaited. The 50C retails for €499 / $499 (incl. VAT).

SENA 50S  – The all-rounder with jog dial operation

The industry's leading motorcycle headset has also been enhanced with Sound by Harman Kardon. The 50S combines premium mesh and Bluetooth® communication features in a slim device with Sena's proven jog dial design. Connect with countless drivers via Sena's reliable mesh network or pair with your smartphone to listen to music, use GPS or take calls - all through the high-quality Sound by Harman Kardon speakers. The 50S is available as a single pack for €369 / $359 (incl. VAT) and as a double pack for €649 / $639 (incl. VAT).

SENA 50R – Slim design with three-button function

The Sena 50R has the same features as the 50S, but is a slimmer device with a three-button design that fits a little closer to the helmet. The Sound by Harman Kardon features, with speakers and microphone, ensure an even better sound experience with unsurpassed audio levels for the intercom, music, GPS, phone calls and more. The 50R allows drivers to utilize One-Click-to-Connect Mesh Intercom™ and Bluetooth Intercom. The 50R is available as a single pack for €369 / $359 (incl. VAT) and as a double pack for €649 / $639 (incl. VAT).

SENA Impulse – flip-up helmet available from December this year

With the new Impulse smart flip-up helmet, Sound by Harman Kardon is delivered directly into the helmet without having to install speakers or a microphone. The Impulse is ready for immediate use. The helmet's precisely placed premium speakers and sophisticated acoustic interior design, combined with the all-new microphone, enable the Impulse to offer an unprecedented sound experience when riding a motorcycle. The Impulse has a mesh and Bluetooth intercom system and of course offers smartphone connectivity for GPS and music and is also equipped with an integrated LED taillight. The Impulse features a medium oval fit and is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL in matte black and glossy white for €599 / $599 (incl. VAT).

SENA Stryker – full-face helmet with integrated LED rear light and ECE approval

The Stryker is Sena's latest smart full-face helmet, equipped with Mesh Intercom™ and Bluetooth® intercom technology as well as premium speakers and microphone. Developed in collaboration with the audio experts at Harman Kardon. The Stryker's interior design complements the Sound by Harman Kardon speakers with pleasant acoustic dampening, offers DOT and ECE approval and has an integrated LED taillight. The Stryker has a medium oval fit and is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL in matte black and gloss white for €549 / $549.

Extended warranty: from 3 to 5 years

Each Quantum series communication device comes with a 3-year warranty, while the Quantum series smart helmets offer a 5-year helmet warranty and a 3-year electronics warranty.

NEW: SENA Motorcycle app for mobile phones

The new Sena Motorcycles app offers users the opportunity to customize a variety of settings and functions on the respective Quantum series device, so that, for example, channel settings for Open Mesh can be managed or a private group can be set up for Group Mesh.

Sena Quantum Series

Text & Image Credit:Sena Technologies Inc.

Sena 30K, Bluetooth communication system for motorcycles and scooters with mesh intercom double pack 


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