Serial 1 FAQ

The Serial 1 APP

Drivers using a smartphone with the Serial 1 app can view the following information:

● Speedometer
● Remaining battery charge
● Assistance level
● Kilometers (odometer)
● Cadence
● Trip kilometer (on selected models)

The Serial 1 FAQs

By entering the dynamic, fast-growing e-bike market, Harley-Davidson building on its roots and expanding its mission to create freedom for the spirit. Entering the e-bike market with its own brand allows Harley-Davidson to play a key role in this revolutionary mobility industry, while Serial 1 focuses exclusively on the e-bike sector, better understanding the e-bike customer and an unparalleled , providing a driving experience rooted in freedom and adventure.

With Serial 1 Cycles, we aim to combine the best of both worlds by combining Harley-Davidson's legendary motorcycle expertise and leadership in electric two-wheel drive with the agility and innovation of a new brand dedicated exclusively to the e-bike product and dedicated to the customer.

The uniquely integrated, mass-centralized battery technology that powers the Serial 1 e-bikes is proprietary and uses the same principles used in the design of Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles. In addition, as a new company in the field of e-bikes, the Serial 1 brand is inspired by Harley-Davidson's entrepreneurial spirit and supported by Harley-Davidson's technical know-how. This offers a different kind of inspiration to delight new customers and promote Serial 1's growth and progress.
When it comes to market launch, Serial 1 will primarily focus on the USA and Germany.

Serial 1 e-bikes will be available online at and through select Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealers. Orders can be placed by the customer online from any location or at a dealer with the assistance of the dealer. The Serial 1 website will offer a dealer search function that can be used to find Serial 1 e-bike dealers where models are available for test rides. Customers will also have the option to place an order with these retailers.

The first Serial 1 wheels from the /CTY series are scheduled to come onto the market in 2021. You can pre-order your copy now via the Serial 1 website:
Deliveries of pre-sale orders will begin in spring 2021.
MOSH/CTY: €3,499 (incl. VAT) RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU: €4,599 (incl. VAT) RUSH/CTY: €4,699 (incl. VAT) Free shipping on all orders.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Serial 1 e-bikes are designed and developed in accordance with Harley-Davidson's world-class product development capabilities and Harley-Davidson's leadership in electric-powered vehicles. Serial 1 e-bikes are manufactured by an experienced global e-bike supplier. Manufacturing is carried out to world-class standards with Serial 1 monitoring.
Serial 1 e-bikes are defined by emotion and rider utility, with all the performance features and specifications required to compete in this growing market. Our e-bikes will feature innovative design features that noticeably enhance the riding experience.
The pedal-assisted Class 1 (Pedelec) e-bikes that we bring to the market do not require a vehicle license, registration or driver's license to operate in the USA or Europe. However, we encourage our customers to check their local regulations to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.
The best way to choose the right size for you is always to test ride at your nearest Harley-Davidson e-bike dealer or at a Serial 1 mobile demo event. If it is not possible to visit a dealer or demo event , the customer can use the instructions on the Serial 1 E-Bike website to determine the best fit. If they have any further questions, customers can contact Serial 1 customer service.
There may be a few people who are still very close between sizes. The question of which size is right for each customer depends on what they want to achieve with the bike. A larger size is much smoother at high speeds and a smaller size allows for sportier handling.
The Enviolo AUTOMATiQ continuously variable transmission is based on the NuVinci CVT transmission system, which uses a series of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output pulleys of a transmission. Tilting the balls changes their contact diameter and speed ratio. As a result, the NuVinci CVT system provides a seamless and continuous transition to any gear ratio within its range. To get a better idea of ​​how it works, you can watch the video about it.

The four available driving modes adjust the amount of electrical support provided by the engine.
Depending on the driving conditions, the rider chooses the driving mode that best suits their needs: • Eco mode is best
used in flat and less demanding conditions when you just want gentle assistance
without unnecessarily draining the battery.
• Tour mode is best used when you want a consistent, yet manageable level of electric assistance to

the optimal mix of assistance and battery economy under varying riding conditions • Sport mode is best used when you
want significant assistance coming out of corners or over gentle inclines to
go further or faster than you would under your own power.
• Boost mode is best used when tackling a steep climb, strong headwind, or other situation where you may need sustained support.

No. A portable charger is included with every Serial 1 e-bike and can be connected to any standard household socket (in the EU and the USA).
Since Serial 1 is a pedal-assisted e-bike, the possible range varies greatly depending on which riding mode you choose and how much pedal assistance you can provide yourself. With this in mind, you should assume that a Serial 1 e-bike can provide between 35 and 100 miles of power assistance, depending on the riding mode you choose and the terrain.
For the 529Wh battery in the MOSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU models: 0-100% charge = 4.75 hours, 0-75% charge = 2.6 hours. For the 706Wh battery in the RUSH model /CTY: 0-100% = 6.6 hours, 0-75% = 3.5 hours.
Yes, additional batteries will be available in both variants (529Wh and 706Wh) via the online shop.
Further information will be published in spring 2021.
Further information will be published in spring 2021.
Further information will be published in spring 2021.
The Serial 1 e-bike does not require any special maintenance beyond that of a traditional bike. Pay attention to the air pressure in the tires and monitor other points described in the user manual, and your Serial 1 e-bike will provide you with worry-free riding pleasure for many kilometers.
Serial 1 e-bikes are delivered to the customer largely assembled. To complete assembly, the end customer must assemble the front wheel (and front mudguard on select models), saddle, stand, reflectors and pedals. Full assembly instructions – including a step-by-step instruction video – will be available to assist. All necessary assembly tools are included with every bike and only minimal mechanical skills or knowledge are required.
If your Serial 1 E-Bike requires servicing, this servicing should be carried out by a Serial 1 E-Bike dealer or the dedicated Serial 1 customer service team.
A limited warranty applies to the entire product including the battery for 24 months (2 years) and covers everything except damage and wear and tear. Additionally, the frame is warranted to be free from defects in manufacturing or design (excluding damage) for a period of 60 months (5 years).
A limited selection of bike accessories may be available upon release of the Serial 1 e-bikes. Additional accessory options may be added at a later date.
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