Geissens Hotel in St. Tropez

The end of the season on the Road Glide Ultra is a little longer, in May 2017 there was the trip to the Euro Festival in Saint Tropez, the first major tour with the Road Glide Ultra this year.

After around 28,000 kilometers without any technical problems with the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, Saint Tropez is the last big challenge before the season comes to an end for me and the Road Glide.

The south of France has something very special, not only interesting people, but also indescribably beautiful nature.

Don't be put off by the Chicki Micki reputation you hear about Saint Tropez. Not everything is expensive here, you can definitely find accommodation at normal prices, or you can do like I did and just stay overnight in the Geissens hotel complex.

Especially in spring, the entire area around St. Tropez is really ideal for motorcycling. Anyone who rides their Harley through the curves of the small mountains will immediately notice this scent; there are areas where it smells like a herb garden.

In any case, it's worth making a stop here.

Tomorrow we're going back home and the loyal Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra is getting its well-deserved hibernation after an exciting season!

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