Short-term license plate only with HU and AU examination

The Federal Council has decided on new requirements in connection with the short-term license plate. There has been increased misuse in the past, which is why the requirements are being tightened.

In September 2014 it was decided that when the regulation comes into force, the license plates will only be available for vehicles with a valid TÜV and AU inspection. Just setting off on your bike or car without first going to the TÜV or one of the other organizations won't work anymore. In the future, the registration office will also take over the entry in the vehicle registration document of the vehicle to be transferred, which was otherwise done by yourself.

So you have to know beforehand which vehicle the short-term registration should be for. If you ride a bike that has perhaps been in the garage for a long time and is only intended to be used for an event, it must have been inspected beforehand; previously it was enough if it was roadworthy.

Link to the Federal Council's decision

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