Ski-King – A piece of music cult is going on tour in the spring

It simply rocks - when SKI-KING goes on tour again in the spring, he will not just present his new album "Sketchbook III" or the extraordinary interpretation of well-known songs, but a journey through time into an in-between world that is made up of a peculiar mixture of nostalgia , modernity and cult defined.
From March, SKI-KING can be seen for 18 dates throughout Germany. The new album “Sketchbook III” will be released on February 27th, just in time for the tour. Trailer:

Two extraordinary cover albums have already been released by Ski-King – the Americano Franconian who is covered in tattoos. He has a voice that is, on the one hand, powerfully charged, like a hurricane. On the other hand, there is also the honey-soft gentleness of a purring cat. Ski-King effortlessly brings back memories of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. And on top of all that, Ski-King has at least twice as much personal expression at his disposal.

Hidden treasures

Ski-King also knows that all good things come in threes and asserts: “The current 'Sketchbook III' record is the end of a series. The season finale, so to speak.” An ending couldn't be more exciting and thrilling. Just looking at the list of selected piece titles is enough to agree with this view without further discussion. There are, for example, John Fogerty's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain", which made Creedence Clearwater Revival famous, Lee Hazelwood's "Summer Wine", Pink Floyd's "Wish You were Here", Motörhead's "Christine" or Radiohead's "Creep". To name three representatively. And at the same time outline the range. “This time I also involved my fans in choosing the pieces,” says Ski-King, “on my Facebook page they could choose which songs I should definitely interpret. 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain', 'The Unknown Stuntman' originally sung by Lee Majors and Volbeat's 'Still Counting' made it onto the track list.” One thing you have to know is that Ski-King is a cover artist, but one who brings so much of his own to the throaty interpretations that listeners rub their ears in amazement when they hear what a seasoned artist can do with a well-known song to discover great, hidden treasures. “You can only trace the intimate secrets of the pieces and ultimately discover them if you love the selected pieces,” explains Ski-King.

“Sketchbook III” Tour 2015:
March 6th, 2015 Donauwörth, Doubles Starclub March
7th, 2015 Klingenthal, Gambrinus March
12th, 2015 Munich, Backstage Club March
13th, 2015 Cham, LA
March 14th, 2015 Bischofswerda, East Club
April 2nd, 2015 Kassel, Fiasco
April 3rd .2015 Berlin , Wild At Heart
April 4th, 2015 Wolkenstein, Ratskeller April
10th, 2015 Hamburg , Rock Café St. Pauli April 11th,
2015 Templin, El Doroado April
16th, 2015 Pforzheim, Irish Pub
April 24th, 2015 Düsseldorf, Pitcher April
30th, 2015 Cologne, Stereo Wonderland
May 7th, 2015 Hameln, Event Center Deisterstrasse
05/08/2015 Bückeburg, Schraub-Bar
05/09/2015 Bielefeld, Extra-Blues-Bar
05/14/2015 Göttingen, Exil
05/15/2015 Oldenburg, Cadillac


Ski King

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