Harley-Davidson 2021 Street Bob

Sneak preview of Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2021

There are slowly emerging signs that the 2021 Street Bob will actually come with the 114cui engine, which will almost certainly be the biggest and most noticeable change to the 2021 model. The cockpit looks a little larger in outline and the handlebars now have the same paint as the tank, fenders etc. That looks really cool, it's not for nothing that the Street Bob is the top seller among the Softail models.

Street Bob Olive Green

The no. #1 logo looks great, the handlebars seem to be painted in a matt olive green.

Driver information system and the handlebars take over the paint color from the tank and fender.

I was able to discover the footrests for the passenger, which are not normally installed on the Street Bob, which could mean that it is getting a new seat, which unfortunately hasn't been seen yet.

Street Bob footrest for the passenger
Street Bob footrest for the passenger

The engine looks nice and dark as usual, the rocker boxes are black, as we know them from.

The new paintwork has something, olive green with the No. #1 logo is something we haven't had on the Softail models yet.

A second brake disc at the front would have been great, but something like that is always reflected in the price and on the Heritage 114 it actually works quite well without the second front disc brake.

2021 Street Bob with 114 cui engine
2021 Street Bob with 114 cui engine

If the Street Bob comes as it is shown in the pictures, you will have to be quick because it has never been a stationary model!

The engine performance data from the previous Heritage 114cui should be comparable.

Milwaukee-Eight® 114, displacement 1,868 cc, 2in2 exhaust system, torque EC test method 155Nm /3000rpm, power 93 HP / x69 at 5020 rpm, Co² 129 g/km, 6-speed. All statements without guarantee.

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