Power, sound and performance with Tüv

Bertl's air filter_02Bertl's Harley-Davidson offers Screamin Eagle air filters in conjunction with adjustable exhaust systems with TÜV.
At Bertl's, power and performance are very important.

Harley-Davidson offers the washable Screamin Eagle air filters for the entire model range, such as the Heavy Breather and the Elite air filter, which are not only cost-saving because they never have to be changed again, but are also a plus thanks to the technology known from motorsport Performance guaranteed for every engine.

Since most customers also install an exhaust system with better gas flow in addition to a performance-optimized air filter, Bertl's has had the air filters tested in conjunction with the exhaust systems from the market leaders in electronically adjustable systems, Jekill & Hyde and Kess Tech . This combination is now available from Bertl's with Tüv and kits already purchased from Bertl can also be entered later.

Bertl's air filter_04Through this combination, the engine develops its full power volume, pulls more powerfully from all speed ranges and can be further optimized through additional mapping at Bertl, which, in addition to an increase in performance, also guarantees quieter and more powerful pulling power.

Bertl also offers the SE 120 R & RX engine for Twin Cam models with TÜV, which in a Dyna in conjunction with Jekill & Hyde exhaust and SE air filter pushes up to an incredible 160 HP to the rear wheel.

Orders and further information at:

Bertl's Harley-Davidson & Buell

Im Maintal 9 96173 Unterhaid / Bamberg

T: 0 95 03 / 50 29 00



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