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Staig – motorcyclist fatally injured
A 42-year-old came off the road near Staig on Sunday

ULM / Staig – At around 4:50 p.m., witnesses found the crashed motorcycle next to the road. The deceased 42-year-old was there. According to initial investigations by the Laupheim traffic police, the motorcyclist was traveling on highway 1261 between Oberkirchberg and Steinberg. At the level of the industrial area, in a long right-hand bend, he veered off the road to the left.

After driving through the unpaved grass verge and hitting a traffic sign, he fell. He came to rest in the ditch next to his Harley. The 42-year-old sustained fatal injuries and died at the scene of the accident. The Laupheim traffic police (Tel. 07392/96300) started the investigation.

This also includes determining the exact time of the accident. There are no known witnesses who observed the exact course of the accident. The motorcycle was totally damaged and was towed away. police estimate the damage to the two-wheeler to be around 10,000 euros. The fire department from Staig was on site with three vehicles and around 20 emergency services. There were no traffic disruptions on the lightly trafficked country road.

The police are looking for witnesses to the accident – ​​Laupheim traffic police (Tel. 07392/96300)

Ulm Police Headquarters

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