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A Street 750 including a four-year warranty and maintenance from 98 euros per month

• Attractive financing offers over three or four years
• All-round worry-free package with inspections and follow-up guarantee

People are inherently bad and politicians are corrupt, television makes you stupid and computer games make you violent. Preconceived opinions are as persistent as nuclear waste. Since such prejudices are errors of perception, it is usually worth taking a closer look. Also in the case of Harley -Davidson motorcycles . “Far too expensive” is a saying we often hear about them. Milwaukee are available in this country starting at 7,995 euros. This is the sum on the price tag of the Street 750, the new entry-level model into the world of the American Way of Ride. And to make it even easier for anyone interested, Harley-Davidson is now offering the “Street Complete” package for the machine.

In addition to the attractive financing of the bike, “Street Complete” includes a maintenance and warranty package: inspections are included for three or four years, depending on the financing term. The maintenance fee even includes the oil, the oil filter and the brake fluid. When it comes to the guarantee, the customer also benefits from an extension to a total of 36 or 48 months. Harley-Davidson is also flexible when it comes to possible trade-ins and the desired monthly rate. It can vary depending on whether a higher or lower down payment and a shorter or longer term are chosen.

Here's how it works: For example, if you put 1,000 euros on the counter and want to finance your Street including maintenance and warranty over 48 months, you pay a one-off installment of 68.98 euros, while the following 46 installments are 98.00 euros each.
In this case, the final installment is 5,181.04 euros and can be further financed or replaced. In the meantime you just have to refuel yourself - and of course drive. This is a lot of fun, because the Street is a light and extremely maneuverable bike with a low seat height and an agile, liquid-cooled V-twin. It develops 42 kW (57 hp) and can easily be throttled down to 34 kW (46 hp) if desired. In addition, the Street forms an ideal basis for customizing. The website Customkings.Harley-Davidson.com shows what's possible.

But regardless of whether you enjoy the street pure or modified, the sound and look make it unmistakably clear: Here comes a real Harley-Davidson. The feeling of sitting in the saddle is priceless! Further information can be found at “Street Complete” on Harley-Davidson.de .

Text & image credit: Harley-Davidson GmbH Germany

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