The Summertime party will take place on Sylt from May 24th to 26th

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Sylt from May 24th to 26th

  • The small but fine event will take place for the 22nd time in 2019
  • Main Street, biker party and big parade across the island

(Neu-Isenburg, January 29, 2019) “Sylt makes you addictive,” reveals the official tourism website of Germany’s northernmost island. And in fact: Almost everyone who visits these 99 square kilometers of North Frisia falls madly in love with the wind and waves, the wide horizon, the huge dune landscape, the impressive cliffs and the seemingly endless sandy beach - on the west coast alone this stretches over a good 40 kilometers. Sylt fascinates, enchants and captivates people.

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Summertime Party Sylt 2019

The participants of a bike event that is as small as it is fine have also been succumbing to this Sylt addiction for more than two decades: the Summertime Party. No wonder most of them are repeat offenders.

In 2019, the popular Sylt motorcycle party will take place for the 22nd time. From May 24th to 26th we'll be back on Germany's number one dream island, a piece of earth that's perfect to explore by motorbike . After all, the small streets are ideal for enjoyable cruising past thatched houses, high lighthouses and the roaring North Sea.

Anyone who travels to the island earlier can enjoy the pre-opening evening on May 23rd at the Westerland Casino - without any dress code. The actual event starts on Friday, May 24th with shopping and snacks on Elisabethstrasse at Harley-Davidson Fashion Sylt. During the Summertime Party, Westerland's shopping mile is traditionally transformed into the bikers' Main Street.

Between the Milwaukee Irons and the stands of the accessories suppliers and caterers, you can have a great time talking petrol. In the evening there is a big biker party in the Kursaal with live music, a DJ and a rich buffet. On Saturday, May 25th, the visitors' V-Twins will line up for the parade on the promenade in Westerland under the appreciative looks of many onlookers.

And at twelve o'clock they are let off the leash. The trip together doesn't miss out on any of the island highlights. Stops will be made at several attractive locations to enjoy one or two culinary specialties, of which Sylt has plenty to offer. A day later it's time to say goodbye to the German place of longing with its incomparable charisma.

Anyone who wants to become a sychtig in 2019 can find more information and the registration form of the Sylt Chapter of the Harley Owners Group

The participation fee of 80 euros includes entry to the casino on the pre-opening evening, party, party present and pin, the biker buffet on Saturday evening, the excursion including food vouchers and a discount on train or boat travel to the island. If you come late, life will punish you, because the number of participants is limited.

Photo credit: Sylt Connected

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