Ride to Super Rally

On the way to the Super Rally 2016 in Spain!

The week has just begun, which is the starting signal to head off to the Super Rally in Spain.

Six men from Ostholstein are traveling with their Harleys, four Street Glide , an Evo E-Glide and a Heritage, on which they have now arrived in France, the beautiful town of Lyon Saint Genis Laval.

You approach the tour in a relaxed manner, nobody is pushing you, then you can enjoy coffee in France more often in peace and quiet!

Andreas, Michael, Volker, Carsten, Siegfried and Konrad don't want to miss the chance to spend a few nice days at the Super Rally west of Barcelona.

From Hamburg to Lörrach we took the car train , not an exciting route anyway, they thought, with Jacky they could easily endure a train journey.

From Lörrach it was about 450 kilometers to beautiful France, hardly any rain, which is a good thing, although you can always expect a shower in this area.

In the early morning we continue towards Montpellier, then we have already reached the Mediterranean and the temperatures will certainly rise a little. 

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