Driving report Low Rider S 2020

Test report Harley-Davidson Low Rider S 2020

It stands jet black in front of me, the new Low Rider S in coastal style. Translated, this means coastal style and we often find the word cost used by American customizers. Possibly not without reason, because the Low Rider S can be easily pimped up. But more on that later, first we come to the Low Rider S, as delivered by the Harley dealer.

Test drive with the new Low Rider S 2020
Test drive with the new Low Rider S 2020

Milwaukee-Eight for propulsion . The equivalent is almost 1.9 liters of displacement, which brings together 69 kW (94 hp) and 155 Nm at 3000 rpm and ensures a sporty appearance ex works.

Things are progressing in terms of sport

To put it briefly, it goes well, with its 308 kilos curb weight, it has a top speed of 190 km/h if you're in a hurry on the motorway. Your world is also the country road, it gives you the feeling of sitting in it, the tank and handlebars are a little more raised, that has to do with the 28 degree steering head angle that they gave it. You really sit in it. You notice that immediately as soon as you get into position on her.

Test Low Rider S 2020
Test Low Rider S 2020

It feels like you get it under control quickly and that doesn't change when you start driving with it. Go in, click, turn the electronic throttle and it starts. The sound, ok, your 2 in 2 exhaust system is definitely audible, it pulls up in a sporty way. It doesn't mind a sporty cornering position, it pulls out of the curve with flying colors. The engine provides her with enough torque and the 180 mm rear tire pushes her hard.

The upside-down fork makes it sporty

They cover the road very well, the upside-down fork does a good job. The thick dip tubes have a diameter of an incredible 43mm. The technology of the upside-down fork has proven itself over the years; thanks to this concept, the inverted dip tubes show a high level of torsional rigidity, which has an impact on overall driving comfort.

Test Low Rider S 2020
Test Low Rider S 2020

But the best thing will be to try out the Low Rider S yourself at your dealer or at a Harley-Davidson event where Harley on Tour is there. Everyone has their own taste and you will have to find out for yourself whether you can sit on it well.

For example, I didn't like the saddle at all, it wasn't the design that was the problem for me, but rather I didn't find it particularly comfortable, which really surprised me. But that would be the first thing I would change, next a forward footrest system. Both of these things would be mandatory for me.


The cockpit of the Low Rider S

When you sit on the Low Rider S, you particularly notice the tidy and clear cockpit.

The cockpit is clear to read and nicely tidy, the speedometer and tachometer come in the classic round instrument. The style suits her well, the pilot has a good view of everything.


Low Rider S Faring
Low Rider S Faring

The Low Rider S fairing from the HD accessories catalog would be one way to give it a CLUB STYLE. The fairing can be even larger, but then you have to look more specifically. But the CLUB STYLE is very trendy, as you can already see from the Battle of the Kings 2019 winner, the Harley-Davidson Coast Glide (FXGTS) from Laidlaw's (USA).


It's fun, the engine offers enough performance, it's sporty and very easy to drive. The Low Rider S loves sporty curves. Stable driving behavior and all important information is easy to read. ABS, LED headlights, USB, dark look, everything important is included!

The recommended retail price* for the Low Rider S in Germany is from 19,795 euros (plus a transport and assembly fee of 560 euros). In Austria from 23,695 euros (including transport and installation fees).  

Battle of the Kings FXGTS Coast Glide 2019

The CLUB STYLE is currently trendy. Laidlaw's from the USA converted a Sport Glide into a CLUB-STYLE bike.

Vivid Black Softail Quarter Fairing 57000981DH Item No.: 57001250
Softail Quarter Fairing Bracket Kit Item No.: 57001250 (Holder Kit)
Low Rider S Saddle – Bevel Solo Seat Item No.: 52000389

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