Thank you Lübeck!


Hammer! This was a Harley event that no one expected, a great program and a mega location was offered to visitors to the Harley Weekend Lübeck.

And they came, more than the organizer expected, over 5,000 Harley-Davidson machines took the exit through the Lübeck Herrentunnel to Travenünde. The trip was a special experience for all participants that will remain in their memories for a long time.

Great music acts have already attracted many visitors on Friday, the stage at the market was brought to a boil by Lotto King Karl with his Barmek Dream Boys, no one could fit on there, but there was also a lot of excitement at the Media Docks, where the Harley Village was Crowd at the AC/DC cover band “Dirty-Balls”. A total of over 50 music groups performed on 5 stages in the Lübeck area. On Saturday the Swedish band “REDNEX” ensured a full place.

The event received great feedback, the guestbook on the event page speaks for itself! You can read respect and recognition for the organizers there, it gives you goosebumps.

The people of Lübeck gave the Harley riders an extraordinary welcome, the retail trade even invited people to coffee and cake on Hüxstrasse and set up a coffee and cake buffet especially for the bikers. The shop windows were decorated and Harley riders could be seen talking to spectators everywhere, it was all somehow different than usual at other events.



Miss and Mister Harley Lübeck were chosen and they have the chance to win the Miss and Mister Germany election. In the middle, Rolf Zacher congratulates the two winners.


       kurt_bohlien.jpg  show.jpg


When over 5,000 Harleys drive through a tunnel, it sounds like what you see in the video, CRAZY!

  Video of the exit from Lübeck to Travemünde through the Herrentunnel



There was an indescribable atmosphere at the Media Docks, the old customs warehouse halls were specially redesigned, sprayers from Lübeck made walls look authentic for the exhibitors, here the coat of arms of Lübeck was sprayed on the wall.

Conclusion: Rarely have I read so much positive press about a Harley event. Finally, the press event was more important than the biker war issue.

There is also a photo competition in the photo community, everyone who uploads their photos there can take part in the competition and win a Nikon SLR camera or an I-Pod Touch. The awards were sponsored by the Haerder Center and Gravis (Apple) in Lübeck. The best pictures will be exhibited there 14 days after the event. So don't let the photos languish on your computer, take part and win.


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