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The chase ends in front of a barrier

SI / Bielefeld / Herford / Lippe / Bad Salzuflen – A 32-year-old motorcyclist has to answer for a banned motor vehicle race after he tried to evade a police check on Thursday, May 4th, 2023.

Motorway police wanted to control a group of motorcyclists on the A2 in the direction of Hanover around 10:20 a.m. They indicated to the drivers that they should follow them into the “Herford Süd” parking lot. While six motorcyclists followed the request, one decided to flee.

The police followed the Harley driver to the Vlotho West motorway exit, where the 32-year-old overtook three trucks despite the solid line. On Detmolder Straße in the direction of Exter, the motorcyclist drove at a significantly excessive speed and overtook again while there was no overtaking.

In Bad Salzuflen, the Harley rider ignored two red lights, on Biemser Straße he was recorded by a speed measuring system and showed grossly traffic-contrary and reckless driving behavior both in and out of town.

In the Ahmsen urban area he continued the journey on Lockhauser Straße, which leads through a sharp right-hand bend. However, after a failed braking operation, the 32-year-old was forced to move to a parking lot on Grüne Straße, where his escape ended in front of a barrier.

The police seized both the Harley and the driver's license. A preliminary drug test was negative.

The officials also initiated criminal proceedings regarding a prohibited motor vehicle race.

During the chase, the other motorcyclists were checked by the highway police without any problems.

Bielefeld Police Headquarters

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