Return of the biker leather jacket

Back in Black

The classic Harley-Davidson leather jacket is back

biker jacket was created 70 years ago. The current new edition takes up the classic style

(Neu-Isenburg, August 17, 2017) It is said that the first real biker jacket with a zipper was made by a New York leather tailor for a Harley-Davidson dealer on Long Island.

The garment must have hit like a bomb, because it began a triumph that was second to none - and the Motor Company included the “Genuine Black Horsehide Leather Jackets” in its official clothing program in 1947.

The great rebels of the silver screen and countless rock stars loved biker-style leather jackets because they gave them a rakish look, while the highway patrol cops appreciated the practical qualities of the robust garment.

Just in time for the 70th birthday of the real Harley-Davidson biker jacket, the Motor Company presents a new and contemporary version of the classic theme: the new “Master Distressed Slim Fit Leather Biker Jacket” for him (order no.: 98003-18VM, RRP: 499 Euro) and the “Wild Distressed Leather Biker Jacket” (Order No.: 98017-18VW, RRP: 479 Euro) for you.

Like the original from 1947, its cut is perfect for use on the bike. Then as now, the jackets are closed at the front with a robust zipper that runs vertically, so that the front parts overlap to provide perfect protection from wind and weather.

Loops at the hem accommodate a belt, and the cuffs at the collar can either be raised or secured to the torso with a snap so they don't flap while riding.

Utensils can be stowed in the three front pockets or the inside pocket and zippers regulate the width of the arm cuffs. The used look of the leather and the vintage style of the embroidery graphics are created by hand, making each jacket unique.

The women's and men's jackets belong to the “1903 Collection” of Harley-Davidson MotorClothes. They are only available from authorized Harley dealers. Further information about the fashion collections can be found at .

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