The EURO4 KessTech Sound – what is different and why?

The EURO4 KessTech Sound has been available and available since March 23, 2017. Some things have happened and some things have changed. In a YouTube film, KessTech the big differences between a EURO3 and a EURO4 KessTech exhaust system YouTube . This short film also shows that in order to comply with all legal requirements, the EURO4 exhaust system must comply with noise levels in each gear in certain speed ranges.

Here is a little more background information on why this is the case and unavoidable. Due to so-called Additional Sound Emission Provisions (“ASEP”), which are part of European laws and which now also apply to accessory manufacturers of exhaust systems , all accessory exhaust systems with a European operating permit must meet the requirements of ASEP.

The requirements regulated in the ASEP stipulate that noise levels must be maintained in certain speed ranges in all gears without exception. The KessTech development team spent weeks developing the CAN-BUS controlled exhaust system so that it meets the required noise levels. If an exhaust system does not meet the noise levels required by ASEP, it does not meet the legal requirements.

And that is the reason why the KessTech exhaust system automatically closes in all gears in certain speed ranges. Closing the exhaust system in just one or two gears (like it used to be) wouldn't be enough. ASEP would not be fulfilled because the manufacturer must guarantee compliance with the noise values ​​in all aisles and not just at one or more ASEP reference points to the approval authorities.

The exhaust system would be illegal. Since the guys and girls at KessTech always try to put on the customer glasses and standing still would mean going backwards, the development team is already working on further innovations that will be introduced over the course of the year.

This is something to look forward to now!

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