European Bike Week 2022

The European Bike Week 2022

First of all, there is still no official information about the European Bike Week 2022 at Lake Faaker See . I can only pass on the following information that I have come across. Harley-Davidson wants to go full throttle again at Lake Faak this year and present itself in full size, as in the years before the pandemic.

The local chapters will again offer tours in the area. The test drive campaign set records last year, fewer visitors, but significantly more test drives, which was somehow strange. This year they will take place again at the well-known place above the train station.

There should be live music again and dealer stands in the usual form. Admission remains free, we'll wait and see what the program will be like, but I'm sure that these key details will be enough for many. You already saw it last year, of course it only really works when there is a lot on offer, but many bikers still come to Austria to Lake Faak to ride their tours in the beautiful surroundings.

Basically it doesn't matter, I'll still be there as usual and watch the whole spectacle.

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