Fight against motorcycle noise


In Germany, prime ministers have the opportunity to present resolutions of the respective state government to the Bundesrat. There the applications are discussed in the respective committee and if the result is that the application should be approved, the federal government will be given an assessment and, if necessary, a recommendation for forwarding to the EU Commission.

And from North Rhine-Westphalia there is now actually such a resolution, which was submitted to the Federal Council on March 20, 2020 with the following heading: “

Resolution of the Federal Council on the effective reduction and control of motorcycle noise

If all of this were to go through with EU law, every biker who Armin Laschet get into office with his vote in the last North Rhine-Westphalia election might be able to claim, with some concern, that he took part in this supra-regional campaign against motorcyclists .

The responsible transport committee has already approved the application from North Rhine-Westphalia and sent it back to the federal government.

The federal government is now deciding whether to forward the decision to the EU Commission in order to legally enforce the issue from NRW in the EU. They are already there and we can assume that they will do it.

WOTAN - Rick's Motorcycles Fat Boy 300 with legal KessTech exhaust system
WOTAN - Rick's Motorcycles Fat Boy 300 with legal KessTech exhaust system

Emission laws determine the development of engines

If the exhaust of a new Harley-Davidson at some point just sounds like a hairdryer, then it's not Harley-Davidson's ; as in recent years, the government is demanding this with its increasingly strict emissions laws . It has to be said that it is not only the CDU that can do this, there are also supposed experts in the SPD who are pushing through their efforts in this way throughout the EU, as we have just done with the tightening of CO2 emissions by 30 percent called for by Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. could see limits for cars.

Now it's mainly about the term “ Real Driving Sound Emissions ”.

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia has decided

Printed matter 125/20 (source: excerpt from the Bundestag)

Federal Council resolution on the effective reduction and control of motorcycle noise

The Federal Council should decide:

  1. The Federal Council is asking the Federal Government to lobby the EU Commission for stricter noise emission values ​​by tightening the limit values ​​applicable in the EU when approving and registering new motorcycles . The Federal Council considers it expedient to limit noise emissions in all driving states (Real Driving Sound Emissions) to a limit of a maximum of 80 dB(A), which must be adhered to for all new vehicles across all operating states.
  2. The Federal Council is asking the Federal Government to significantly tighten the penalties for manipulation of the exhaust, air filters and other interventions that result in a significant increase in noise emissions. In this context, the Bundesrat is asking the Federal Government to develop a legally secure instrument that enables the police authorities of the federal states to immediately seize or confiscate the vehicle on the spot if noise emissions are seriously exceeded.
  3. The Federal Council asks the federal government to support the “Silent Rider” initiative and similar initiatives. A nationwide campaign - for example based on the emergency lane campaign - should raise awareness among motorcyclists about appropriate driving style.

Motorcycling is a leisure activity and hobby for many people in the Federal Republic.
Numerous excursion destinations are beautifully situated in many regions of the Federal Republic. This attracts many motorcycling tourists from home and abroad. For many residents, however, the recreational fun of motorcyclists means noise pollution when they exceed the speed limit or ride extremely loud motorcycles.

As part of leisure activities, motorcycles are often used on rest days (weekends, public holidays), where they can be extremely annoying due to intentionally generated noise, even as individual vehicles. Considerate cooperation and compliance with applicable laws and speed regulations are a prerequisite in order to avoid conflicts of interest and prohibited zones. The legitimate interests of residents and those of motorcyclists must be brought into a fair balance.

Approaches to reducing noise and increasing road safety can be achieved by promoting understanding and tolerance between road users.
Greater awareness can be achieved through a nationwide campaign. Such soft measures must be accompanied by effective controls and sanctions.
In the event of blatant violations of noise regulations, the state police authorities must also be given effective tools to immediately remove the affected vehicles from traffic.
The noise behavior of motor vehicles is regulated in EU regulations and in international UN regulations (UNECE regulations) as well as in national law within the framework of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

However, the approval and approval regulations are not yet sufficient. The vehicles must not only become significantly quieter during type testing, where the suggested maximum limit of 80 dB (A) must generally be adhered to, but above all during normal driving (Real Driving Sound Emissions) .

The recommendation from the transport committee

The following is the recommendation from the responsible transport committee to the Federal Council. From this you can see how far they have come and we will be curious to see whether this recommendation will also be passed on to the EU Commission.

Source: Excerpt from the Bundestag

The Transport Committee recommends that the Federal Council adopt the resolution in accordance with the following changes:

  1. Regarding number 1
    Number 1 should be summarized as follows:
    The Federal Council considers it necessary to limit noise emissions from motorcycles to the existing noise limit in all vehicle statuses (Real Driving Sound Emissions), which must be adhered to for all new vehicles in all operating states. He asks the Federal Government to continue the necessary work at EU level and in the international working group in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in this spirit. The Federal Council also asks the Federal Government to issue as quickly as possible the planned amendment to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) to adapt the
    noise regulations for the approval of individual vehicles to the type approval requirements of the EU or UNECE, which was already in the state consultation at the end of 2019.
    Reason (only to the plenary session):
    The noise behavior of cars and motorcycles is regulated in EU regulations and international regulations (UN rules).
    For years, the BMVI has been working in the international committees of the EU and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) to ensure that loopholes in the type testing regulations are closed. The aim is to design the test regulations in such a way that the vehicles are quieter not only during type testing, but also in real driving situations (Real Driving Sound Emissions).
    The BMVI is calling for extensive changes to the type testing regulations in international committees.
    Setting a limit value seems premature at this point, especially since a lower noise limit of 77 decibels (A) already applies to heavy motorcycles than is required in the resolution of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
    The following changes to the UN regulations have already been implemented:
    – In the future, additional noise requirements for high-performance motorcycles will no longer be checked by the manufacturer itself, but by a neutral body.
    – Work on the German proposal to amend UN Regulation 92 for motorcycle replacement silencers was completed at the end of 2018.
    The changed regulation came into force in October 2019. The change means that flap silencers with loud/quiet switching will no longer be eligible for approval in the future. This will lead to a reduction in real noise emissions, as these silencers have become increasingly popular among some groups of motorcyclists in recent years. The requirements of the StVZO regarding noise behavior for the approval of individual vehicles are currently not at the same level as the EU type approval requirements. The same noise limits apply when approving individual vehicles, but extended requirements for noise behavior, particularly of heavy motorcycles, in the type approval process, which are aimed at limiting noise emissions in real driving, do not yet apply nationally. These loopholes, which lead to higher noise emissions in real operation, urgently need to be closed.
  1. Regarding numbers 4 – new –
    the following number must be added:
    The Federal Council is calling on the federal government to ban engine controls on motorcycles that enable soundscapes that can be individually adjusted by the driver (“sound design”) and which can generate disruptive and annoying noises. In this context, the Federal Council asks the Federal Government to ensure that the possibilities of “sound design” are used to reduce noise emissions. Justification (for the plenary session only):
    Tests are carried out as part of the type approval process and during production (Conformity of Production: CoP).
    Manufacturers sometimes install engine controls on motorcycles ex works, which can cause noise emissions to differ during type approval and under later real driving conditions in public transport.
  2. Regarding number 5 – new –
    the following number must be added:
    The Federal Council asks the Federal Government to support the switch to sustainable and low-noise mobility in the form of low-noise motorcycles with alternative drive technologies such as electric drives." Reason (only to the plenary session):
    Motorcycles have a small volume of total traffic, but they are used due to the Often high volumes and the special sound character are often perceived as particularly disturbing.
    The noise levels of electric motorcycles, for example, are significantly lower compared to fossil-fueled motorcycles.
    As a result, a noticeable decrease in noise pollution among the population is to be expected.
  3. Regarding number 6 – new –
    the following number must be added:
    The Federal Council asks the Federal Government to advocate for effective measurement procedures in order to expand the legal, technical and personnel control options for obviously excessively loud motorcycles." Reason (for the plenary session only):
    When carrying out event-related checks on flowing traffic, the focus is primarily on the exhaust systems.
    By measuring stationary noise, it can be checked whether unauthorized manipulations have been carried out. However, this measurement only allows limited conclusions to be drawn about other relevant operating states. For reasons of proportionality, a simplified driving noise test “noise measurement light” would be a way to more comprehensively check motorcycles or scooters as part of traffic controls.
    With this measurement, the police on site could easily and with relatively little effort record another operating condition of the vehicle in addition to the stationary noise and thus increase the informative value of the test. A vehicle shutdown on site must be the consequence of proven manipulation.
  4. Regarding number 7 – new –
    the following number must be added:
    The Federal Council sees an urgent need for action to enable speed limits and temporary traffic bans on Sundays and public holidays for special conflict cases for reasons of noise protection. The Federal Council asks the Federal Government to adapt the relevant regulations. Motorcycles with alternative drive technologies such as electric drives should be exempt from possible traffic bans." Reason (only to the plenary session):
    The ordering of restrictions and bans on flowing traffic (traffic law measures) for reasons of noise protection requires that the prerequisites of § 45 paragraph 9 Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) are available.
    According to this, appropriate measures may only be ordered if, due to the special local conditions, there is a danger that significantly exceeds the general risk of impairment. In the case of traffic law measures to protect against noise, the noise situation is assessed based on annual average levels.
    Noise peaks from motorcycles are not recorded and therefore cannot be used as a justification for traffic law measures such as speed limits or time-limited traffic bans, for example on Sundays and public holidays.
  1. Regarding number 8 – new –
    the following number must be added:
    “8. The Federal Council is calling on the federal government to find a solution so that “speeders” or “harassers” cannot escape punishment. Due to the requirement to wear a helmet and the lack of a front license plate on the motorcycle, motorcyclists cannot be identified and therefore cannot be prosecuted for a violation.”
  2. Regarding number 9 – new –
    the following number must be added:
    The Federal Council asks the Federal Government to examine the possibility of introducing a regulation on direct liability, in which the principle of guilt does not apply, from a constitutional perspective (owner liability)." Reason (only to the plenary session):
    The owner's liability could be based on a Obligation to bear costs can be limited
    Such liability for owner costs would mean extending Section 25a of the Road Traffic Act (StVG) to flowing traffic.
    Owners would therefore have to at least bear the costs of the procedure even in the event of violations in flowing traffic. This means that the holder is not penalized, but is obliged to pay the administrative fees for drawing up the fine notice. Recommendations, 125/1/20 – 6 –
  3. Regarding number 10 – new –
    the following number must be added:
    The Federal Council is calling on the Federal Government to make it mandatory to keep a logbook after drivers who cannot be identified have committed legal violations. A logbook serves to raise awareness and collect data in order to be able to react to multiple violations by individual motorcyclists." B
  4. The lead committee on the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety, the committee on European Union issues, the health committee, the internal affairs committee, the legal affairs committee and the economics committee recommend that the Federal Council adopt the resolution.


Supported by some districts and the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg, the registered association has set itself the task of fighting every decibel with a petition “against unnecessary motorcycle noise”.

It is really worrying that social action is being taken against motorcyclists here with the support of the state. The majority of motorcyclists ride legally, and electronically controlled flap exhaust systems are also legal, but they want to change that now. Unfortunately, people overlook the fact that motorcyclists in particular are very fond of nature, which is why they ride motorcycles to be as close to nature as possible! Just switch off at the weekend, forget about your stressful job, or whatever.

Camping in Norway - Motorcyclists are more connected to nature than you think.
Motorcyclists are more connected to nature than you think.

Sound is part of the feeling of freedom

Should they take those who use manipulated racing machines out of circulation and not take all motorcyclists into the fold and thus deprive us of the fun in life. Streets are for driving, everyone can choose for themselves whether they want to live on a busy street or not. The ever more massive interference and measures in our freedom are gradually getting out of hand.

The current development will certainly keep us even more busy in the future; basically, it will soon be about everything that is still fun. In the Altona district of Hamburg, the Green Fun Stoppers prevented a drive-in cinema from taking place because they didn't want the "stinky boxes" in their district. The 61-year-old Green Party leader Gesche Boehlich decided this way with the SPD coalition partner because they don't want the additional traffic in their district.

Additional traffic from a drive-in theater? What kind of additional traffic are they assuming? That really can't be a relevant number in a big city like Hamburg, when there are a few cars in the parking lot of the trotting track and watching films together, having social contacts and having some fun in life, seems political today to no longer be wanted.

What now remains is the question of whether and when there will be a countermovement; it is not just these new ideas that have now been thought of. Unfortunately, the motorcycle manufacturer lobby doesn't seem to be really taking a stand against these political ambitions. It's also difficult, they're elected, everyone should really know exactly who or what they want to support with their vote at the ballot box, that can of course go in both directions, there are definitely opinions that are in favor of that, but We really don't have to put up with everything, various routes in the country are already closed to motorcyclists. This being taken into family custody cannot be tolerated in the long term without protest.


At its 989th meeting on May 15, 2020, the Federal Council decided to grant the application at the request of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
The Federal Council is now asking the Federal Government to lobby the EU Commission for stricter noise emission values ​​by tightening the limit values ​​applicable in the EU
when approving and registering new motorcycles.

Source: Bundestag

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  1. Hello, I've already read a lot of nonsense, but this goes beyond the scope.
    In my opinion, there are only eco-friendly people here who want to talk to the snails on the weekend.
    You can do it, I don't stop or tell anyone what they do on their days off.
    So to each his own. In any case, I ride a motorcycle when the weather is nice.
    All the eco-friendly people should sit down and think about it if, for example:
    Flying on vacation in a supersonic aircraft or going to a concert or to a demo where propaganda is made over a megaphone. I don't deny that no matter what you do, there are always a few idiots, but driving ban on weekends: nonsense.
    Closing roads: nonsense.
    After all, we pay taxes for the whole year and how many days in good weather can we use them.?
    By the way, I would like to say that if I'm stupid enough to choose my home on a busy street, I'll probably have to expect vehicle noise.
    Noise doesn't make you sick until it's over 86db and only with constant exposure to sound for several hours.
    Never been to a disco as a teenager??? and now sick????
    I think it is better for some to leave this impossible planet to live a healthier life. In any case, I wish you a safe journey.
    See you soon on these streets.

  2. drive into nature with a lot of noise in order to have some peace and quiet(?)...that alone shows how little right, sense and understanding this habitus has and that doesn't just apply to motorcyclists, but that's just the clientele Disproportionately represented... and most of the time they also wear hearing protection and their helmet because they can't stand the noise in its purest form... but I can enjoy it for a minute.
    Noise makes everyone sick – including motorcyclists!

  3. If only the state government would put as much energy into the ICE maintenance facility in Cologne-Longerich... But there's no way in there. At night, the railcar microphones are tested (up to 20 times) with a measured level of over 100db. Complaints from residents were dismissed on the grounds that the tests were safety-related and that the residents' night's sleep was affected in this regard. Then all I can think of is GOOD NIGHT. Admittedly, some bikers actually overdo it. But I think it's exaggerated and wrong to take everyone into “family custody” because of this. @Thomas from Bergisches Land: I live in Burscheid on a busy country road and can't share your experiences. Constant humming noise from 10 a.m. to evening?! I can not confirm.

    1. ...because you're probably sitting on your seat and can't hear any of your noise under your helmet anymore...

  4. Love of nature and noise do not go together. Point. No animal or human being is happy about noise that they do not produce themselves. But egocentric potency unfortunately also falls back on those who have long since understood the connections. Outlaw noise producers in the community so that the joy of biking is not spoiled because of the Assis. Otherwise the law will have to take action...

  5. Guys, you can drive around wherever you want and as much as you want, it's a free country, but the noise is unbearable. If there is no legal regulation here, I will think of something and go directly to the motorcycle meeting points with my bike, let's see what happens if I emit high-frequency noise with 90 dBa.

    As you are to me, I am to you, it's that simple.

    1. …then they put in their earplugs and their helmet…that’s the only way they can endure their own oh-so-great noise…their “freedom”

  6. The legislative initiative is exactly the right thing and was long overdue. The argument that everyone can choose where they live is probably about the hollowest thing you can imagine. What came first? Loud motorcycles (and other noisemakers) or people???

    Freedom drivel and sound. Nonsense.

    1. I actually didn't want to stoop to a level like theirs, but at the end of the 1980s, for example, much higher volume levels were permitted than today. And not just for motorcycles, the more stringent Euro 5 standard has even reduced engine noise, so unsuspecting people are demanding something again! Not every motorcyclist breaks the law, just because they don't catch the actual culprits, then everyone is taken into custody! You are probably one of those people who move to a railway line and then complain about moving trains. I live on a route that is busy with classic cars and motorcyclists on weekends, so I have to live with that if I live on a street or just move to a quiet area. As simple as that.

      1. Seldom read such nonsense. “if I live on a street”. Who doesn't live on a street???? I live in the beautiful Eifel, so very rural. But several thousand mopeds on the weekend, where else do you think you should go, to Kamchatka? As a citizen, you have a right to peace and quiet and not to (unnecessary) noise. Apart from that, the moped drivers are actually being falsely blamed alone, because there are more and more monster-loud tuned cars, just like a nonsense. Unfortunately, the police don't have enough people to catch all the crazy people.

  7. I'm very much in favor of the law, because I live on a dike right on a curve and it really bothers me, this noise and also the churning of sports cars.
    Anyone who has such a loud vehicle can have fun on a race track but has to be quiet on the streets.

  8. This is the reason why I am increasingly deciding not to use a car or two-wheeler in the future, if possible, and especially not to own one. I support our economy through this cost-intensive consumption, I pay considerable taxes during the life cycle of a vehicle, from purchase to scrapping (VAT purchase, vehicle tax, mineral oil tax, other taxes (accessories/spare parts, services, etc.), additional efforts are made to generate income through fines through increasing traffic controls... I now feel like a milking cow that is fundamentally illegal when I think about the topic of individual, motorized mobility in Germany.

  9. Well, everyone should be treated equally. Noise is not healthy. It doesn't matter whether it comes from a motorcycle or something else. So it's a very one-sided view. So why is this effort just for motorcycles? The same law should apply to all sound generators. Anyone can measure noise (motorcycle/car/truck/bus/train/lawnmower, etc.) where they are. There are nice mobile phone apps for that. Note/save the values ​​as well as their duration and the actual trigger. That ensures the truth. You should do it. You can then work with such facts and check who or what is really a problem and whether this data does not cause a surprise.

    1. ...relative to the weekend, unfortunately it's the motorcyclists. Even trucks are quieter because they don't drive through towns at high speed and there is a driving ban on Sundays, while the lovely two-wheeled drivers want to go out into nature with a lot of noise to enjoy the peace and quiet...but these contemporaries also exist in quiet ones. That's why in the end it doesn't depend on the vehicle but only on the mental capacity and that seems to be less represented on two-wheelers...

      1. Your accusations are pretty far-fetched. We still live in a constitutional state where the Basic Law counts, even if you would like it to be different, but everyone has the right to the free development of their personality. As long as I'm driving a vehicle that is road legal, I can't simply be banned from driving somewhere because others don't meet these requirements! The state is asked to filter out those for whom this may not be the case. However, roads are also there for driving and do not only serve the local residents.

  10. I've seen Harley riders take earplugs out of their ears upon arrival because the sound was too loud for them. We have such idiots to thank for such laws.

    1. Hi, I'm curious how you can actually tell why someone wore earplugs?
      I wear one when I ride, but only because of the loud wind noise in my helmet.
      However, I also have to say that some motorcyclists behave anti-socially by producing unnecessary noise - be it with flap exhaust, removing the DB-eater or revving the engine unnecessarily.
      I ask myself whether they are trying to compensate for something or just want to get attention. You can also drive moderately through a town, with a Harley or with an athlete.
      Ultimately, the only way is probably to remove or punish the black sheep.

  11. What's the point if a few people make the noise, especially the single-cylinder Krossmotorcycles, on which the riders really rev up and you'll soon have a heart attack because of all the noise. Then there are the road closures for motorcycles that were previously free and were great to ride on ?
    Now the mass owners are no longer allowed to use drivers! I drive a motorcycle myself and not exactly a small machine, but sometimes I want to throw an ax at such unreasonable people! Exactly the same with cars from Unterzuffenheim that make a racket! How does the general acceptance work? Are those responsible deaf? Ultimately, a warning with TÜV approval and next time it will be shut down for two years! Then they will definitely learn!

  12. As a driver, a certain volume is also associated with a certain safety aspect. As a biker you are heard better and announce yourself in advance. With my very quiet machine, it often happened to me that I was “unheard” and ended up in dangerous situations. In addition, at faster speeds I no longer hear what speed I am at and just stare at the display. I'm about to invest in a louder system...

  13. As the saying goes, if you overdo it, you'll ruin it.
    The change in the law only comes because there are more and more intellectual low-flyers who believe that the rules only apply to others. If you really want to make a noise, you should deregister your box, unscrew the exhaust and then let it run in your garden while grilling. Or go to the disco. Although I also have to admit that it needs a minimum volume so as not to be overlooked in traffic (drivers of silent e-scooters know the problem).

  14. It's good that this source of noise has been eliminated.
    It may be a great experience for the biker, but what about my right to relaxation? On weekends, the dull rattling of the Harleys starts promptly at 10 a.m. and lasts until the evening. This low-frequency humming noise in particular carries for miles. I ride a motorcycle myself and find relaxation even without the noise.
    If you love nature sooooo much……..
    Buy an e-bike.
    Good for the environment, your health and my ears.
    LG from the Bergisches Land, Thomas

  15. Oh no, let's go back to the motorcyclists talking about the loud AMG, driving Porsches and Ferraris with their flap exhausts in town. These should be abolished first because that's the real noise pollution in town

    1. Hello Michael, that's not entirely true, it's also about the flap exhaust systems of the cars. The lawnmowers and leaf blowers are still allowed to make noise undisturbed.

  16. Well, finally this stupid noise should be abolished.
    True motorcyclists don't need this infantile nonsense. I'm for it.

Comments are closed.