The Harley-Davidson Road King Special colors

The four Harley-Davidson Road King Special colors

be the last surprise in the Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is bringing the Special to stores in March with four new colors, the Road King is not only Special, it also looks Special! The Olive Gold is currently very popular at Harley-Davidson, the Heritiage Softail is available in the same or similar paint, it looks very good especially in the sunshine and the new Road Glide will also be available in this color.

In the all-black Vivid Black it will certainly be a box office hit, but the Charcoal Denim and Hard Candy Hot Red Flake™ finishes will also find their fans on the German market. This special custom style with the fixed lockable cases now makes it even more suitable for touring than it was before.

We'll see how the new 90hp engine will perform in the long term, the engine data sounds interesting, there's a hammering 1,745 displacement with 150Nm under the saddle and they'll certainly put a lot of pressure on from below. Black painted Turbine Custom wheels all have four paint variants, they fit the design extremely well, a lot of paint and little chrome is popular, it's really special!   



The Harley-Davidson Road King® Special is available in four paint variants:

• Vivid Black
• Charcoal Denim
• Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake™
• Olive Gold

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