Whether in Hamburg, Basel or South Tyrol, the Harley Santa Clauses were on the move everywhere.

The campaign is often used to collect some money for a good cause, as was the case in South Tyrol at Harley-Davidson Bozen, where over 40 Santa Clauses were out and about in the area around Bolzano. They drove up to the Christmas market and successfully collected donations for the children's aid organization “Peter Pan” . They all come up with something great, and of course there should be fun when they are out on their Harleys to do something good!

In Basel the event Niggi-Näggi and there too, in addition to the show, it's about a good cause! In Hamburg, over 100 Santa Clauses rode through the city on their Harleys, this was their fourth time on the road and this year they collected donations for the Altona Children's Hospital.

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Of course, they not only cause a stir among the little ones, the campaign is also very well received by the older ones! Every year a new city joins the campaign with the Harley Santa Clauses in the run-up to Christmas and collects donations for regional institutions.

Everyone involved has a lot of fun, especially when there is a stopover at the Christmas market, many of the bikes are particularly beautifully decorated and attract the attention of onlookers! People line up on the street left and right when Santa Clauses come driving up on their motorcycles. These are beautiful pictures and Santa Clauses with their big bushy beards also like them, and they conjure up a very special smile in many children's eyes!

Photos Photo credit: Harley-Davidson Bozen






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