Harleysite annual review

The Harleysite annual review 2022

It was another exciting year, I didn't have any big plans, I just wanted to let it happen. However, it started off really hot because I had leaked hot information about the Low Rider S 117 Harley-Davidson

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Low Rider S 117 Leak 2022

At the start of the new year, the Low Rider S 117 was leaked

By chance, I came across the data sheet and the pictures, which caused quite a stir internationally. The mistake was with the company in the USA itself, after which some people in Germany had to sign extra confidentiality clauses; they probably didn't like to admit that they themselves were the problem, as they heard afterwards. Link to post

Thunderbike - Andreas Bergerforth
Thunderbike – Andreas Bergerforth

The first Harleysite videocast at Thunderbike in Hamminkeln

The only thing that was on the to-do list was the expansion of my podcast, I wanted to get it moving a bit and so I was in Hamminkeln right at the beginning of the year, with Andreas Bergerforth from Thunderbike. He jumped straight into the deep end, he didn't really know what I was really planning on doing, he was the first guest in this project. It was a very complex but cool story, and I will continue to do it in 2023. Link to video

Spring meeting at Börjes in Augustfehn
Spring meeting at Börjes in Augustfehn

Spring meeting at Börjes in Augustfehn

It was my first time at the Börjes spring meeting in Augustfehn. It was really cold, after the pandemic things were supposed to start again in 2022, but the cold put a damper on everything. I was actually really excited about it, but I didn't know what was going on in Ammerland in the years before. In any case, there is a lot going on here, a great event that spans all brands.

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Re-opening of Harley-Davidson Chemnitz

In May I wasn't really on track yet because I was still driving to Chemnitz for the new opening. It's a great shop, it's really amazing what Heavy Metal Bikes has done with the old train station building.

Harley-Davidson store in Chemnitz
Harley-Davidson store in Chemnitz

A TOP location right next to McDonald's. What they also have in addition to the large Harley-Davidson program and the premium store is a great bar in the basement, the independent operator has its own types of beer in the program, and you should have a taxi number in your pocket as a precaution.

The link to the post

The Magic Bike Rüdesheim

After the new opening in Chemnitz, things took off quickly. The legendary Magic Bike Rüdesheim am Rhein was on the program. This Harley-Davidson event is a flagship event for the Harley-Davidson brand. A great event, with a spectacular music program and many visitors who have been coming back for years. Here you can meet many familiar faces from the Harley world!

Even the music program is an announcement, when I was there, Stahlzeit was playing and the stage was burning. In any case, you should have been here at least once, you just have to find accommodation in good time.

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Fire Department Pan America 1250

Fire department motorcycle Pan America 1250 Special

Directly from Rüdesheim, we went to Kall to accompany the handover of the Pan America 1250 fire department with Harley-Davidson's marketing boss Nils Buntrock. This was another exceptional event, a lot of emotions came to the fore!

The gratitude of the firefighters gave us goosebumps, but we have to say, what would we be without the volunteer firefighters? Everyone who has ever needed them is grateful for the help that they provide throughout the country, mostly on a voluntary basis. Kall is near the Ahr Valley, they were also flooded during the flood disaster and Nils Buntrock noticed that their emergency motorcycle had flooded along with the entire fire station.

This then brought the company's own Harley-Davidson workshop onto the scene; employee Dennis Kaulbach was commissioned by Nils Buntrock on a secret mission to set up an official Pan America. The word official then became the program, after weeks of work it actually became a reality. We were able to meet great people here, and of course I went to the fire brigade festival that evening.

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The Hamburg Harley Days

The Hamburg Harley Days are of course a must. This year, admission was charged for the first time, which really heated up people's spirits. On Friday, the start was abruptly interrupted by a hurricane warning and the area had to be evacuated, but shortly after the alarm, the all-clear was given. On Saturday and Sunday everything went as it had in previous years, although it wasn't as crowded, but the atmosphere was good.

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Driving report Road Glide ST 117

Road Glide ST 117

I'm now on the road with the first test bike, the new Harley-Davidson Road Glide ST 117. This engine is a dream, the whole bike didn't let me sleep peacefully anymore. It got to the point where I quickly took her to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The report from Norway is still to come. This was one of my most beautiful tours, at least in the Lofoten. The journey there and back was again full of rain, cold and snow on the slopes as I drove over the Arctic Circle. But the Harley and the experience was awesome, regardless.

The link to the driving report.

The Harley Days Dresden

The Harley Days Dresden have now become a must for me. The people here are very friendly and the beautiful city of Dresden is just as worth exploring. The event will continue to grow in the next few years, the potential is there. The surroundings are great, and the local chapter offers free, guided tours for everyone. Feel free to put the event on your road map.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide ST 117

I had now driven 10,000 kilometers with the Road Glide ST 117, now it was the turn of the Street GLide ST 117. Harley-Davidson used this machine in the Bagger Race. The engine was standard, but now I was driving with the Screaming Eagle exhaust system, the Öhlins chassis and the Race sports seat. Of course, the sissy bar couldn't be missing, after all, I travel with luggage. The problem now was, as an actual Road Glide fan, I liked it even better. In any case, I'm 100% an ST fan, the series is a burner across the board.

Sportster Nightster from Rick`s Motorcycles for monkeys on bikes

We continue on to Rick's Motorcycles in Baden-Baden, where I'm booked for photo shoots. Harley-Davidson has equipped Ann-Kathrin Bendixen as its new brand ambassador with a Sportster Nightster converted by Rick's Motorcycles, which she will use to drive to Iceland. I never thought you could get so much out of a Nightster.

Many parts have been rebuilt, or specially machined and adapted. An Öhlins chassis and many Rick's components, as well as the LED indicator holders. Various parts were taken from the Pan America and made to fit perfectly. The conversion was successful and in retrospect we know that she mastered her Iceland tour very well.

Road to Wacken

A few days later, the Road to Wacken campaign continued. Harley-Davidson has started a tour from the Harley Factory Frankfurt through various stops within the week to Wacken. The winners of the competition were there.

Backstage in Wacken when the Wacken Bike was handed over to the organizer Thomas Jensen. You have to say, there's really something going on in Wacken, it's not for nothing that it's the world's biggest heavy metal party.

Harley Ruhrpott Metting

The Harley Ruhrpott Meeting had been on my agenda for a long time, this year I managed it and drove the 500 kilometers into the pot. It was really worth it, the Ruhrpott Meeting is only a one-day event, but you should experience what it's like here. It's quiet on the grounds of the Industrial Museum until 10:00 a.m. and then the big tour opens and the hustle and bustle begins. The party runs at full speed until late in the afternoon, until suddenly it's all over again. Crazy, it wasn't the last time I've been here.

Fehmarn American Days

The Fehmarn American Days have always taken place in August, but it is not yet known whether they will take place in 2022. In any case, I always meet my best buddy Hermann here. The good guy lives on the beautiful island, so it's clear that you have to stop by.

Prague Harley Days

Then the Prague Harley Days were on the road map. I was there on Saturday and found out how they celebrate here. I would say everything is very relaxed, at least here the police are more concerned with regulating the intersection for the bikers so that they don't get stuck in traffic than with checking them. It's a beautiful city, I'll come back here and spend a few days there.

Top mountain cross point

From Prague I drove on to Tyrol to the Top Mountain Crosspoint to conduct an interview with Attila Schreiber. After the devastating fire in 2021, they rebuilt the highest motorcycle museum in Europe in record time. It's worth seeing, I can easily recommend the visit, but you should also take the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road with you, it comes directly after the museum and is a top recommendation. I even drove the Jauchenpass and from there to Bolzano to the Harley-Davidson dealer.

The original plan was to go directly over the Dolomites to the European Bike Week, but unfortunately I got lost and got caught in a storm, so I spent a night in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

The link to the report

The European Bike Week

The European Bike Week is slowly blossoming again. After the last few rather sad years, things slowly started again in 2022. There wasn't as much going on as in previous years, but there was a lot more going on than in 2021. Harley-Davidson had called its dealers again and, apart from a few restrictions and cost-cutting measures, it was actually fine again.

Let's see how things develop there in the next few years. I have the feeling that the exhibitors have too many problems with the tax authorities, the bureaucracy and sometimes the resulting mistakes, which are mercilessly pursued, take away their interest. The police checks are just as merciless, everything goes well until no one comes anymore. There are already rumors that they want to get more involved in Prague, let's see.

Norway with the Pan America 1250 Special

At the Top Mountain Crosspoint Museum, I met Atle and Stein, two really cool Norwegians. The good Atle invited me directly to his home in Norway near Stavanger / Egersund. I now have a Pan America with full equipment, just the thing for a tour like this in the cold north. I met Ann-Kathrin Bendixen again in Denmark, she had just returned from Iceland, we had arranged to meet and wanted to go to Norway together.

That worked really well, as soon as she got off the ferry we immediately had to go to our shared ColorLine ferry to cross over to Norway. From Kristiansand we took the FV44 towards Egersund and camped at a lake. You can do that, the location was great, unfortunately it's a bit cold at night in September, but I was well equipped and had no problems with it.

The next day I went to Atle, where I recorded an interview with Ann-Kathrin, which you can find on the Harleysite YouTube Channel . The next day we separated again and I headed back towards Germany.

Link to the Norway tour tip

Mallorca Bike Week

Now we're back in November and at the end of the year we're off to the island again to soak up the sun. The event is perfectly organized by SKS-Reisen, you can drop off your bike and luggage at any authorized Harley-Davidson dealer, or you can bring it yourself to SKS Spedition in Mogendorf. You don't have to worry about anything and the whole hotel is occupied by like-minded Harley fans. The bikes are parked in the courtyard of the hotel, so you always have something to look at. The end of year motorcycle trip is a must!

Link to post

20 years of Harley Factory Frankfurt

The last trip in 2022 went to the 20th anniversary of the Harley Factory in Frankfurt. 20 years is really a reason to celebrate. For me it was doubly worth it because I was able to take a look into the workshop where Angelo's personal bike was located, the AP69, shortened to his initials. He quickly turned an El Diablo into his own. In any case, the party really got going again, after the usual feast, we guarded the bar until late into the night. If a North German goes on a trip, it should be worth it, that was the motto. Of course, it has!

Link to report

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El Diablo personal bike by Angelo

It's nice at home too

And now we're celebrating Christmas and the solstice, and in January we're heading towards spring again and everything starts all over again. But it's always nice at home too.

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Amy at home

I wish everyone health, happiness and a wonderful 2023 season

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