What does Harley-Davidson Originals mean?
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The Harleysite Marketplace 2022

What does Harley-Davidson Originals mean?

The Harleysite marketplace for used Harley-Davidson motorcycles has been further developed in recent months and has been given new interfaces to connect Harley-Davidson authorized dealers. This project was realized in technical cooperation with 1000PS. The concept of the Harleysite marketplace offer includes that private providers can offer their Harley-Davidsons on the marketplace free of charge and that Harley-Davidsons can offer their used vehicles with the premium seal, which we discuss in the information film.

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The 99-Point Originals Service Plan

Harley-Davidson Originals tested according to a 99-point plan . It has simply been shown that due to the advancing technology in today's motorcycles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assess the condition of a motorcycle without technical background knowledge. Of course, there are other very well-maintained vehicle offerings on the market, but the problem is often without a guarantee, or with private providers without a guarantee. And with used market prices rising, you're quickly talking about higher 5-figure amounts, even if you want to buy a used one.

In this case, a little protection can't hurt so that you don't end up falling for an import vehicle offer that will only cause you trouble later. It doesn't have to be that way, but you should have some background knowledge.

Jekill & Hyde Harley Davidson

In the following film, Klaus Börjes from Harley-Davidson Augustfehn and Harley-Davidson Bremen-Stuhr gives us a few tips and Hans-Jörg Becker, from Harley-Davidson Warranty Service, explains the used vehicle guarantee. The information film gives you some helpful information on what you should definitely pay attention to when buying a used vehicle.

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