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Get ready for a change

The new Harley-Davidson MotorClothes Fall Collection is here

Autumn can be moody at times. The best biker weather can suddenly turn into rainy coolness. Blessed is the one who equips himself with appropriate clothing. That's why Harley-Davidson is now offering the new Fall Collection for a short time.{mosgoogle}

These include the earthy brown Steadfast Leather Jacket [97029-11VM; from 467 euros], whose robust leather keeps you warm on cool evenings and whose ventilation openings provide refreshment on warmer “Indian Summer” days.

The black Steadfast Functional Jacket [97298-11VM from 343 euros] meets all the wearer's needs, especially in colder weather: it is waterproof, has a removable and waterproof fleece hood as well as removable protectors on the elbows and shoulders.

The subtly decorated reversible hooded sweatshirt [96223-11VM from 113 euros] promises a high level of comfort, as it can be reversed and therefore comes in either black or brown.

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For female Harley fans, the new Fall Collection includes, among other things, the light, brown Dusty Roads Leather Jacket [97036-11VW from 368 euros] with attractive embroidery and the practical Waterproof Fleece Hoodie [97287-11VW from 156 euros], which is made of abrasion-resistant textile material and is equipped with protector pockets.

Both jackets are suitable for biking as well as other leisure activities. The Long Sleeve Sweater with Hoodie [96269-11VW from 80 euros] has a relaxed look and keeps its wearer wonderfully warm with a soft fleece hood and kangaroo pockets.

These new products and many more are available for purchase at authorized Harley-Davidson dealers. You should just hurry, because the collection was launched exclusively for autumn 2010 and will be sold out quickly.


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