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The first generation of /CTY e-bikes from Serial 1 have set new standards for both commuters and leisure riders. With intelligent, human-centered design and an unparalleled level of integration and attention to detail, Serial 1's premium e-bikes are hailed as the easiest and most intuitive way to explore the world on two wheels while experiencing fun and freedom .

The second generation of Serial 1's /CTY range takes the premium e-bike experience to new levels by offering a full range of cloud-enabled connectivity features developed in collaboration with Google Cloud. These capture important driving data, significantly improving safety and making it easier than ever to simply enjoy driving!

Google Cloud has selected Serial 1 as a strategic eMobility partner, meaning Serial 1 is among the first to incorporate Google Cloud's new Intelligent Product Essentials software solution into its products. This enables predictive, proactive and intelligent functions that improve the e-bike experience for every rider.  

Private preview access to Google Cloud technology enabled Serial 1 to develop an industry-leading user app with sophisticated connectivity features, allowing customers to personalize their e-bike experience to a new level.

By leveraging Google Cloud's significant AI and analytics expertise, Intelligent Product Essentials Serial 1 enables the development of integrated, automotive-grade mobile technology solutions that intelligently connect customers, e-bikes and customer service providers in real-time.


A premium e-bike experience requires cutting-edge digital technology. That's why we partnered with Google Cloud to develop a mobile app that lives up to the Serial 1 brand. With app-controlled safety features, true Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation and real-time riding data captured directly from the e-bike, the Serial 1 app is the perfect riding assistant for your Serial 1 e-bike.

And that is just the beginning; Our access to Google Cloud Analytics and Business Intelligence and integration with Google Cloud AI functionality will allow us to continually improve our mobile app solutions in the future to provide the best possible e-bike experience while maintaining the highest level of data security to ensure.  

In addition to cloud-based data management and integration, the Serial 1 app is equipped with the most advanced connectivity hardware to ensure the most reliable connection and best possible user experience. Most e-bike apps communicate exclusively via Bluetooth® wireless technology, meaning important features only work when near another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Serial 1's next-generation /CTY platform goes beyond pure Bluetooth technology by integrating a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) device that enables connectivity not only via Bluetooth wireless technology, but also via cellular data and /or GPS enables to ensure that you can reliably access your bike even when it is not within sight of you or other people.

This industry-leading solution offers reliable connectivity beyond what is currently available in the eMobility market and is a fully future-proof solution that is unlikely to outlive the life of your bike.

Precise integrated digital security: The issue of security is the top priority for all e-bike owners. With Serial 1's Pinpoint mode activated, customers have the ability to precisely track, monitor and digitally lock their Serial 1 e-bike, regardless of how far it is from them. If motion is detected while the bike is digitally locked, the rider will receive a push notification with several security options that the owner can control via the Serial 1 app, including:

  • The e-bike's lights flash in a warning pattern 
  • The electric pedal support is deactivated
  • The owner can view the bike's current location (or last known location, in the unlikely event that the bike goes completely offline)

Google Maps route planning and turn-by-turn navigation: By integrating current Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation data, users of the Serial 1 app can conveniently plan the optimal bike-specific route directly in the Serial 1 app. The map shows you the best possible route for cycling - including local cycle paths, cycle routes and cycle paths. Once you've set your route, you'll have turn-by-turn directions to guide you as you drive, keeping you on the right path with the most accurate and reliable location services.

Virtual Garage: Register, tag and track your Serial 1 e-bike from the comfort of your own phone. With the help of the virtual garage, you can use your mobile device to view, connect to and monitor your Serial 1 e-bike at the touch of a button. For households that have two or more Serial 1 e-bikes in their real garage, families can manage all bikes in a shared virtual garage.

Real-time ride data dashboard: From speed to efficiency, distance traveled to battery range, every detail of your ride is right at your fingertips. Here is a full list of all driving data available via the dashboard:

  • speed
  • Duration of the trip
  • Route traveled
  • Range
  • EV system power output
  • Driver's power output
  • Efficiency of the e-bike (watt hours per kilometer) 
  • Battery charge level
  • Eco indicator (on/off light that shows when you are driving efficiently)
  • Display of support mode
  • Front light status

Record My Ride: After each completed ride that you have recorded with the Serial 1 app, you will receive a summary of the tour. Over time, you can compare riding and performance data to learn more about your personal riding style and track your progress.

Automatic service reminders: Always stay up to date when it comes to the maintenance of your e-bike with regular service notifications via the Serial 1 app. Serial 1 e-bikes are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. However, once you have driven a certain amount of time or a certain distance, the Serial 1 app will send you push notifications when it is time for scheduled maintenance or when it is time to perform any other service functions related to the mechanical longevity of your Serial 1 e-bikes to review.

Integrated charger for devices: For the first time this year, all Serial 1 /CTY bikes are equipped with an integrated USB-C charging cable, which is located at the bottom of the stem. This USB-C cable is perfect for powering a mobile phone, for example to use the Serial 1 app. It can charge mobile devices with up to 10W (depending on the device).


How can I download the Serial 1 app?

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The Serial 1 app is available for both iOS and Android users on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the US, Europe and Canada.
To download the app for iOS:
1. Search for “Serial 1” in the App Store.
2. Tap “Download” to download.
3. Tap Open in the App Store or tap the Serial 1 app icon on your device

To download the app for Android:
Search for “Serial 1” in the Google Play Store.
Tap “Install.”
Tap the Serial 1 icon to launch the app.

Is the Serial 1 app compatible with all Serial 1 e-bikes?

The Serial 1 app is only compatible with Serial 1 e-bikes produced in 2022 and later. Only 2022 Serial 1 e-bikes can be added to the Virtual Garage to gain access to the app's real-time riding data and safety features. If you are unsure whether your bike is compatible with the Serial 1 app, please contact our support team at The turn-by-turn navigation feature is available to all users, whether they ride a 2021 Serial 1 or another brand of bike.

Is the Serial 1 app available in all countries?

The Serial 1 app is optimized for use in the USA, Canada and Europe. Features that require the use of cellular data may not be compatible in other countries.

What features are displayed on the dashboard?

When you log into the app, you will find a map that shows your current location, the current location of your Serial 1 e-bike and a variety of features that allow you to start your ride, digitally lock your e-bike and much more more. 

The virtual garage appears as a menu option - here you select which of your Serial 1 e-bikes (if you have more than one Serial 1 e-bike) is active in the app. 

While you drive, you can view various data, such as: B. the current speed, the duration of the journey, the distance traveled, the range, the engine power, the efficiency of the e-bike, the charge status of the battery and much more.  

After each trip you can view a summary. These summaries can be saved in the app so that users can review and compare driving data over time.

What is meant by digitally locking the bike?

With the Serial 1 app you have the opportunity to digitally lock your e-bike from anywhere using your mobile phone. The digital lock function informs you via push notification when someone or something moves on the e-bike. You can then activate Pinpoint mode, which allows you to remotely deactivate the electric pedal assistance and trigger a security alert where the light flashes for 10 seconds and the exact location of the e-bike is reported.

Does the digital lock replace the need for a physical bike lock?

The Serial 1 app allows you to remotely deactivate the motor of your Serial 1 e-bike, stopping all pedal assistance functions, but still allowing the bike to be ridden without electric assistance. For this reason, we still recommend that you use a high-quality, physical lock when leaving your e-bike unattended. For more information on Serial 1 recommended locks, please visit our support page here .

Can you adjust the Enviolo Hub settings using the Serial 1 app?

Currently the Enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub settings cannot be adjusted via the Serial 1 app. To make adjustments to your hub, you will need to pair your bike with the Enviolo app (sold separately). For instructions on downloading the Enviolo app and making adjustments to the auto-shifting CVT hub, visit our support page here .

Can I change the maximum support speed of my Serial 1 e-bike with the Serial 1 app?

The maximum support speed is determined by local regulations and cannot be changed via the Serial 1 app. In addition, any modification to the engine will void the warranty.

How many Serial 1 e-bikes can I store in my virtual garage?

Your virtual garage is account-based and can store as many Serial 1 e-bikes as you own. For example, if you and another family member each own a bike, you can add both bikes to a shared account and use the same login to connect to each e-bike.

How does the Serial 1 app communicate with my Serial 1 e-bike? Do I need an internet or WIFI connection to use the app?

You can connect your Serial 1 e-bike to the Serial 1 app using Bluetooth® wireless technology and/or a mobile data connection. The Serial 1 app communicates with an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) device that has its own internet connection to provide real-time driving data.

This means that both the bike and the mobile device must be within range of cell towers to ensure the app's full functionality.
However, if either device is out of range and has no service, the data will be stored locally on both the phone and the Serial 1 E-Bike and uploaded once cellular connection is restored.
(There is a status indicator in the app that shows whether the Serial 1 e-bike has a connection or not).
Turn-by-turn navigation can still be used even if the mobile phone connection is interrupted.

Does the integrated IoT device consume power from the e-bike battery?

The integrated IoT device has a separate battery that is charged with the main battery of the e-bike. Aside from charging your e-bike regularly, you don't need to take any additional charging steps. You may occasionally see an indicator on your Brose display that the IoT device is charging. Since the IoT device is powered separately, the e-bike's GPS location is still available for some time even if the main battery is completely discharged or removed for safety reasons. An additional charging notification is sent via the app if the e-bike main battery becomes weak and needs to be charged.

How does Serial 1 use the data collected via the Serial 1 app?

If you ride regularly with the Serial 1 app, the app learns from your e-bike and your individual riding style.
Serial 1 will use the driving data collected through the Serial 1 app to further improve the app's usability for all customers as we continue to develop and update new models and features.
This data also helps the Serial 1 support team identify and resolve issues when servicing your e-bike. The data will not be passed on or sold to third parties.

Do I have to pay for these services?

The Serial 1 data plan is free for the first two years. The users then decide for themselves whether they want to extend the service.

What is the best way to attach my cell phone to my Serial 1 e-bike?

There are numerous compatible cell phone holders on the aftermarket.
However, Serial 1 recommends using the Quad Lock Case and Motorcycle Handlebar Mount (32mm diameter) to securely and conveniently attach your cell phone to the handlebars of the e-bike. You can connect the optional weatherproof and wireless charging head from Quad Lock to the integrated USB-C charging cable under the handlebar stem to use the Serial 1 app without using up your cell phone battery. All Quad Lock products are available separately.

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