The success story of “Game Over Cycles” at the European Bike Week at Lake Faak

European Bike Week 2
European Bike Week – Game Over Cycles at Lake Faak 2016
They have already won the very coveted “Peoples Choice Award” at Lake Faaker See four times! This is the prize that the audience awards, this prize is like an accolade and rightly makes the winners particularly proud!

At the European Bike Week (EBW) 2016, Europe's largest Harley-Davidson event, the “Who's Who” of the custom bike scene met in Austria at the beginning of September. The Polish company Game Over Cycles (GOC) was particularly successful this year and received three awards.

In the Custom Bike Show competition at EBW 2016, organized by Harley-Davidson, the Custom Cafe Racer (HD Sporster 883) built by GOC for the Hard Rock Cafe in Krakow, Poland, took first place in the “Sportster ” category and also the renowned audience award – “Peoples Choice Award” .

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Game Over Cycles at Lake Faak 2016
European Bike Week 5Custom Chrome is one of the leading companies in Europe selling accessories for Harley-Davidson and custom bikes. The machine also won an award in the Custom Chrome Europe competition. At the Custom Chrome Europe Championship, the bike from Poland won first place in the “Modified Harley” category.

Customized for Hard Rock Cafe Kraków, the Cafe Racer is a bike that combines the world of motorcycles with the world of music. The concept and construction includes parts such as a microphone that serves as an air filter and many musical instruments and accessories were installed in detail on the bike, which thrilled people.

The battery box is modeled on an amplifier and if you can play the notes from the saddle you will hear Highway to Hell. These are great ideas that have been implemented really brilliantly.

The Hard Rock Cafe chain is always particularly associated with Harley-Davidson, as visits from Harley fans who are traveling to the cafes are just as much a part of it as a visit to the local Harley dealer. In this case, the link worked particularly well  


“Musical” parts of the bike are:

  • Rear swing arm imitation guitar fingerboard

  • Wheels with engraved tracks like on a record

  • Leather seat with engraved choir notes from the song “Highway to Hell” by AC / DC

  • Air filter in the shape of a microphone

  • Coil cover in the shape of a guitar with a suction mechanism

  • Battery box in the shape of an amplifier

  • Exhaust system with adjustable sound

  • Shift lever imitating a turntable arm

European Bike Week 3
European Bike Week – Game Over Cycles at Lake Faak 2016
The competitions at the European Bike Week were the first public demonstrations of the custom bike, its official unveiling will take place on October 21, 2016 held at Hard Rock Cafe in Krakow, Poland.

The European Bike Week is Europe's largest motorcycle festival open to everyone, the event is one of the largest in the world. visited Carinthia in 2015

At home in the Polish town of Lisie Jamy, the custom bike manufacturer “Game Over Cycles” was at Lake Faaker See for the fourth time and received the “Choice Award People” prize for the fourth time. The special thing about the prize is that it is decided by the audience!

European Bike Week 4

All awards that the company Game Over Cycles has already won at the EBW are listed below:

2012: GOC Chopper – “People’s Choice Award” (Harley-Davidson Custom Bike Show)

2013: Behemoth Bike – “Peoples Choice Award” and second place in “Radical” category (Harley-Davidson Custom Bike Show)

2015: The Recidivist – “Peoples Choice Award” and first place in “Custom” category (Harley-Davidson Custom Bike Show)

2016: Hard Rock Cafe Bike – “Peoples Choice Award” and first place in the “Sportster” category (Harley-Davidson Custom Bike Show) and first place in the “Modified Harley” category (Custom Chrome Europe Faaker See – Championship) .


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