Thunderbike goes AMD World Championship Sturgis 2012

The Making Of “PainTTless”

All around the globe the best of the best customizers preparing for the AMD World Championship in the USA, it is the biggest Harley event ever and the most important title in the world of customizers, whoever wins it can't have done everything wrong.

It is a special challenge that you face when the decision has been made to build a bike for the AMD Champion Chip in Sturgis.

The Harley-Davidson authorized dealer Thunderbike has taken on the task. They have already won various prizes with their custom bikes in Europe, so they really don't need to hide.


The plan is in place, the decision is made and off we go.

PaiTTless , that's quite a statement, but what the final solution will look like can only be guessed at. There are pictures of the development up to the current status, and it shows how to make one out of an aluminum block Nice rim milled, cool...

A sawn iron head with split rocker boxes and many detailed solutions can be found in the bike, the job is fun! There's a lot of grinding and tweaking going on, the boys are in their element and want to complete their plan.

It's a long way from planning to developing such a special bike, drawing and trying things out, the bike should have a line and still have corners and edges, templates are made and things are just tried out. It should be different, different and better than the others, they want to win, when they stand in line with the world elite in Sturgis, they want to stand out with the “PainTTless” bike.


But the competition is strong and that's what's special about the AMD Championship , the special appeal of developing a bike that gets recognition worldwide.

The shapes give an idea of ​​the direction in which things are going, the right equipment is available, CNC milling, etc., everything the screwdriver needs he will find in this workshop.

Parts are manufactured in-house, the mechanics at Thunderbike are particularly keen on a project like this. It will still take some time to finish, but the “PainTTless” bike will definitely have what it takes to be a winner.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for them!!!!

Photo credit: Thunderbike

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