Thunderbike becomes world champion in Sturgis

The Harley-Davidson high-end manufacturer Thunderbike world title at the world championship in custom bike building in Sturgis (USA) on August 8, 2012 and prevailed against the tough competitionpainttless_3_web
“PainTTless” had traveled to many countries around the world. It was the third participation of Team Thunderbike around founder and bike builder Andreas Bergerforth , who was named runner-up world champion in 2006.

After winning two European Championships, all that was missing was the World Cup title, but this gap in the trophy shelf has now been successfully filled.

Thunderbike has been the official Harley-Davidson representative for the Lower Rhine region since 2006 and is now one of the largest dealers in Europe.

So it's no surprise that the PainTTless is powered by a 1000cc Harley-Davidson Ironhead engine, which was previously installed in Sportster models up until the 1980s.

painttless_2_webHowever, this is where the similarities end, as almost every part on the motorcycle has been completely redeveloped.
A special highlight are the unique suspension and the rims with an internal braking system, which were milled out of solid aluminum blocks. Andreas Bergerforth and his crew were inspired by racing machines from the 1930s that were used on dry salt lakes in the USA.
Appropriately, the magneto ignition from Bosch dates back to 1928 and the extremely narrow silhouette with a classic racing fairing is also reminiscent of that time. Detailed documentation of the history of its creation can be seen on the official website

The construction costs of the motorcycle are around €150,000, which is not surprising given that it took over 8 months of construction and countless hours of work.


Text & Image: Copyright Thunderbike

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