The Thunderbike “Unbreakable”

About the idea:

To build a fully functional, easy-to-ride, yet breathtaking custom bike

To do this, we use current Harley technology, combined with near-production/earthly chassis geometry.

Front and rear suspension, decent ground clearance and a 260 tire that runs in the middle.

…..132mm caster …….. 1780mm wheelbase ….. +125mm length …….+ 50mm height (compared to Harley-Davidson Softail ) 36° steering head angle.

The fork: We always wanted to build a trapezoidal fork, but we never liked that these forks were built so far forward. So we designed the fork in the steering head area to be as compact as possible.

When the fork is fully compressed or lowered, you can hardly see the lever a telescopic fork, the side bars are located directly on the steering head - so it forms a unit with the bike - combined with the clip-on handlebars, the frame transition and that Integrated speedometer gives the bike a very sporty line.

The free millings in the side rails and the radial calipers with the ribbed brake caliper mounts underline this line.unbreakable wallpaper

The bike can be raised 80mm using the air cylinders. We placed the injection pump on the side of the left half of the tank; this was necessary because the shape of the tank means that the underside of the tank is fully visible.

We also neatly covered the manifold with the injectors, wiring, etc. with the engine mount.

We are particularly proud of the wheel design; it fits the bike perfectly. In order to allow the design to extend into the wheel hub, we have dispensed with a conventional brake disc flange and moved the brake disc mount to the outside.

Thunderbike Unbreakable
Two 340mm floating brake discs ensure very good deceleration with little hand force, even on the 26" V-wheel.

At the rear, a floating 440mm perimeter brake disc with 6-piston brake calipers ensures very good braking performance.

In order to emphasize the design of the individual components, all anodized parts such as: wheels, radiator grille, tank cap, fork bridge, seat, indicators, etc. were clamped into the milling machine again after anodizing and re-milled.

This was particularly exciting given that it was a specially mixed special color. 800 liters in an extra dipping tank, durability of the color and therefore a maximum time window of 4 days.

So nothing can go wrong when re-milling. At this point a huge THANK YOU again to the anodizers.

All other parts were nickel-plated, which goes very well with the anodized color. So that everything fits together nicely, we also milled a new engine and gearbox cover with ribs... matching decorations on the notches and handles make it complete.

Text (slight changes) & photos copyright Harley-Davidson Thunderbike



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