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Tickets for the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary Celebration from August 29th to September 1st, 2013 in Milwaukee, USA now available

62 women and four men worldwide are currently 110 years old or older. Science found that none of these “supercentenarians” had a comfortable life: the older than average people usually worked hard, partied with pleasure, did not shy away from the sun, wind and weather and saw a meaning in life.

Perhaps this is not only a recipe for the toughness of people, but also of brands...
In 1903, the first three roadworthy machines were completed under the Harley-Davidson . more than 6.3 million motorcycles .

Harley-Davidson has stood the test of time – good and bad – and will be an incredible 110 years old in 2013.

For a year, the most traditional motorcycle manufacturer in the world is celebrating its big birthday with all its might - with all its riders and fans in eleven countries on six continents.

1903 Harley-Davidson Partstream

The European birthday party will take place in Rome from June 13th to 16th, 2013. But the undisputed highlight of the party season is of course the 110th Anniversary Celebration in the American hometown of Harley-Davidson: From August 29th to September 1st, 2013, Milwaukee in Wisconsin is floating on 'Harley cloud number 7': When she celebrates at home, it's with the Motor Company guarantees fun without limits. In addition to a huge parade , parties in the Henry Maier Festival Park and events in the HD Museum, there are a number of other surprises on the agenda of the major three-day event.

Tickets will be on sale from mid-December. In addition to the laminated ticket on a lanyard, the package costs $102.50 and includes a beverage cooler that offers discounts on drinks on site and a number of other goodies.

Anyone interested can find everything they need to know and the booking modalities at www.HD.com/110tickets. For HOG members, the tickets are also valid for the events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Harley Owners Group , which is being celebrated at the same time in Milwaukee.
However, the numerous street parties, dealer events and demo rides that traditionally take place at Motor Company's milestone birthdays in and around Milwaukee are freely accessible to all fans. Harley-Davidson will reveal in spring 2013 which stars will be on stage at the major concerts and how you can purchase separate tickets for these gigs. If you want to experience information, photos and videos about all the birthday events online, the Harley-Davidson Davidson channels of Facebook and Twitter (#HD110) and the website www.hd.com/110 are recommended.

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