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Tour suggestion for the Harley Days Dresden

Tour 1 – along the Elbe

We start at the Harley Days Dresden event site and leave it on the right into Alleenstrasse. At the traffic lights with the stadium on the right we turn left and then immediately right again up to the Marienbrücke.

Turning slightly right, we follow the main street, past the historic Neustädter train station, always towards the airport and the motorway. Of course we don't drive on the motorway itself, we continue straight through the underpass to the intersection where we turn left, signposted to Meißen.

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We follow the S81 bypass road and after 3km we turn right towards Moritzburg. Moritzburg Castle is the first highlight of the day. You can park briefly in the large parking lot directly in front and you have a wonderful view of the fairytale castle from “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella”, the most famous Christmas fairy tale was filmed here.

Baroque Moritzburg Castle
Baroque Moritzburg Castle

We then turn left directly in front of the castle and follow the wooded asphalt road to the first traffic lights. At the inn we turn right and drive towards Großenhain. Be careful, there are some pretty cool and fast corners ahead if you don't have a sleeping driver in front of you.

In Großenhain we turn right towards Elsterwerda and drive to the Zabeltitz junction, where we can, but don't have to, visit the baroque garden. The following route towards Nünchritz/Riesa takes us through a wonderful area with few houses, many curves and great views over wide meadows and fields.

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The onward journey towards Nünchritz is currently disrupted by a detour, but we follow it carefully and are soon on the right road. And now it's getting nice again. We simply follow the road to Meißen, along the Elbe, along the vineyards on the Elbe all the way to the famous porcelain city of Meißen. In between, for example, you can take a wonderful break in a street cafe in the picturesque wine town of Diesbar-Seusslitz or even visit one or two wineries.

At the end of the partly narrow street on the Elbe, we turn right onto the Elbe bridge, cross the river and turn right twice at the bridgehead. We are now on the B6 towards Dresden. At the exit of the town there is the legendary ice cream bus. Keep your eyes open, this is the ice tip of the day. Located on the left side with a perfect parking space for bikes.

We continue on the B6 to the next large Elbe bridge, which is very reminiscent of a well-known bridge in Hamburg. There we cross the Elbe again towards Coswig and Meissen.

At the bridgehead we turn right and a few minutes later we turn right and see the magnificent vineyard slopes of Wackerbarth Castle, the royal Saxon state winery, in front of us. We recommend stopping here again, this place is very beautiful and invites you to linger.

And then our tour almost ends. We follow Meißner Straße and the railway tracks into the city of Dresden, turn right, see the magnificent building of the former YEDNICE tobacco factory in front of us and are back at the event area in time for our final drink.

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We hope you like this route too. Feel free to tell us your opinion.

Route length: approximately 112km

Pure travel time: 1.5 hours

Travel time with recommended stops: 3.5h – 4h

Waypoints: Event area – Neustädter Bahnhof – Hansastraße – S81 bypass road – Moritzburg – Großenhain – Zabeltitz – Glaubitz – Nünchritz – Diesbar-Seusslitz – Meissen – Eisbus – B6 – Niederwarthaer Brücke – Wackerbarth Castle – Dresden – event area

You can also find the tour on Calimoto !

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The tour was put together for you in cooperation with Daniela Hesse (Harley Days Dresden), Mathias Lindner (Harley-Davidson Dresden) and Volker Wolf (Harleysite).

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