Harley tour to Faak am See

Faak, here Faak! After a 1253 km long tour on the Harley, they arrived at their destination, the Gasthof Popolari on Lake Faak.

The group started at eight in the morning on Sunday in Neustadt in Holstein Switzerland, made a stopover in Hepberg and continued on again this morning. These are the tours that are fun, even if they arrived Lake Faaker See Not because they are such soft bikers, no, there was a lot of rain and in the mountains the tendency to turn into a block of ice increases enormously.

But that's how you chose it, a bit of torture is part of such a long tour.

Rita on her Sporty

And you don't necessarily have to have the biggest Harley , the chair lifter's wife Rita does the tour with her 1200 Sporty, that's really cool! So women can do that too, past a few others who are pulling their trailers behind them... but to each his own, as he likes it, some bikes are not particularly suitable for long tours, but they are also fun for their intended purpose.

Now the Braaker regulars' table can finally get started, the weather will definitely get better, at the latest when the Italians from the south come on Friday, they are welcome to bring the sun with them. Now it's time to party at full speed until we head north again on Sunday.  

As you have already read in some messages on Facebook, you and the other bikers are very welcome in Austria!  

That's how it should be! Let's all ride together!!!

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