BLOG - Well, it's autumn again
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Well, is it autumn again?

Took a few photos again today and yes, we have arrived in the middle of autumn again. It's hard to believe how quickly a season can be over. I was riding the Harley-Davidson Street Glide ST 117 and actually just wanted to take a few nice photos and realized that the leaves were on the ground again. Last week on my tour to Norway, I hadn't even noticed it.

Intermot again next week to see what's new in general. Harley-Davidson is not represented at Intermot this year, this is due to the fact that the new products will not be presented until mid-January.


Wiley X – Have you heard that after 20 years of cooperation with Harley-Davidson, Wiley It's a real shame, they're really cool, especially in the version with the self-tinting glass. Some Harley-Davidson dealers have replenished their stocks again, as well as spare parts for the biker glasses.

I'm a fan of the self-tinting Wiley X sunglasses, you can wear them all the time, even at night and in bad weather conditions. When driving through tunnels, it fades very quickly, so you don't drive blindly with it, which is a great solution. Unfortunately, they're not really cheap, but they're worth every penny.

Harley-Davidson Hamburg North

Difference between the Milwaukee-Eight and the Revolution Max engine

I have just returned from my trip to Norway with the Pan America and I am still intoxicated, the country is so beautiful and the hospitality of the Norwegians is indescribable. In July I was already traveling to the Lofoten Islands in Norway with the Road Glide ST 117 and now I was off to Stavanger with the Pan America 1250 Special and the brilliant AHR chassis. What really struck me when I started driving the Street Glide ST 117 today was its unbelievable torque, which is available at 2000 revolutions in second gear. I almost fell over at the back because it started with me.

The dissimilar V2 character from Harley-Davidson

This is nothing new for me, but if you've been on the Pan America 1250 all the time before, you can really feel the differences between the two Harley-Davidson V2 engines. The Pan America has plenty of power with its 152 hp, but the pressure only comes later and it starts again at around 6300 rpm until it reaches somewhere around 9300 rpm. The bad thing is, both are fun and that's probably why many Harley riders buy one and keep the other. Anyone who has an old Harley-Davidson bike in their garage as a third bike is probably one of the happiest people on the planet.

Text Harleysite: Photo credits: Ann-Kathrin Bendixen & Harleysite

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