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Motorcycle Safety Inspection Week – West Palatinate Police Headquarters announces inspections

May 12, 2023 - West Palatinate: The coming week will be dedicated to motorcycle safety for the police in West Palatinate. From this Friday, bikers must expect numerous checks. This is about road safety when riding a motorcycle.

Although the number of people killed and seriously injured in road traffic fell again last year, too many still have accidents while riding motorcycles. Especially when the weather is nice and in the warm season, many motorcyclists are drawn to their machines. This also increases the risk of accidents.

It can be assumed that this situation will not change significantly until autumn. On the first weekend of May alone, there were two serious traffic accidents in the Pirmasens police department area, with one seriously injured and one fatally injured motorcyclist. When riding a motorcycle in particular, the risk of having an accident and being seriously injured is many times higher than with other types of transport. The reasons for this include, among other things, that motorcyclists lack a protective zone in the event of an impact.

It is important to the police that everyone gets home safely. The appeal is aimed at all road users to take part in road traffic carefully and with mutual consideration. This also means that everyone must behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered, unavoidably hindered or bothered by noise, for example. Because what is fun to ride a motorcycle for some people can be too loud for others and can be perceived as affecting their quality of life.

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The police are responding to these challenges with targeted activities relating to motorcycling and are therefore primarily checking popular motorcycle routes in the areas of responsibility of the two police departments in Kaiserslautern and Pirmasens. The focus of the campaigns is motorcycle safety. The aim is primarily to raise awareness of road-safe behavior. The actions are therefore accompanied by driving and behavior tips about safe motorcycling, which the police convey in on-site discussions.

However, anyone who does not adhere to the rules must expect appropriate sanctions. In this context, the police also pay attention to machines that are too loud.

Text: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

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