What's new in traffic law 2022?

What's new in traffic law 2022?

We already know it: no new year begins without innovations in traffic law. In most cases, this means either further restrictions or stricter sanctions for us. But there are even positive things to report in 2022. At least for all those who own a LiveWire. Because, among other things, electromobility is being promoted. Below we have summarized for you what changes the new year has in store for car and motorcyclists.

Further information about the catalog of fines for motorcycles can be found here at bussgeld-info.de

Of deadlines, rewards and updates

Many of you not only drive Harleys , but also a car. You also know it: As motorcyclists, we have to adhere to the general traffic regulations just like drivers, and only a few special regulations are reserved for us in the catalog of fines. We will therefore give you an overview of all the changes in traffic law, but of course draw your attention to possible special features between four- and two-wheeled motor vehicles.

Credit card instead of pink paper

The transition period is scheduled for exactly eleven years, then the old gray and pink paper driving licenses will be over. By 2033, all of the approximately 43 million holders of old driving licenses will be obliged to exchange them for forgery-proof EU cards.

The graduation is precisely specified. Anyone of you born between 1953 and 1958 must have gone to the authorities by July 19, 2022. Originally, January 19th was planned, but the deadline was extended due to Corona. Afterwards, however, it means: a fine for everyone who did not comply with the request. By the way, the old cardboard will also automatically become invalid. So you better hurry up. You have one year longer if you were born between 1959 and 1964. The respective time periods also depend on the issue date of the old driving license. Why easy if complicated is another option? the new European driving license extended after 15 years.

Speed ​​and emergency lanes

Speaking of fines: The new catalog of fines has been in effect since November 2021, but we would still like to briefly draw your attention to the tightening measures. Driving too fast, parking incorrectly and using the emergency lane when there is a traffic jam on the motorway will now be really expensive and can even result in points in Flensburg and driving bans. The rumor is that from now on parking on sidewalks will be strictly penalized. So far there have rarely been any fines for this. Think about whether you want to take a chance.

Fueling, certificates and more

Now something good is coming. You don't have to pay, you get something extra: The state innovation bonus for future buyers of an electrically powered car has been extended until December 31, 2022. Although this does not apply to battery-operated two-wheelers, it is worth taking a look at your federal state's website. Munich, for example, supports the purchase of a new electric motorcycle with up to 1200 euros.

Anyone who travels electrically should no longer experience any unpleasant surprises after refueling at charging stations. From the end of May, the operator must enable everyone to charge spontaneously and explicitly state the price per kilowatt hour.

Thanks to the greenhouse gas reduction quota, private individuals can now also start trading certificates. Owners of electrically powered cars, motorcycles and scooters can sell their saved carbon dioxide emissions to oil companies via an intermediary partner company. You can earn up to 350 euros a year by simply registering.

While environmentally conscious road users are happy, it will be expensive for petrol and diesel engines.  At the beginning of the year, the next stage of the steady increase in the CO₂ tax planned until 2025 came into force. Not taking market-dependent price fluctuations into account, the price per liter for both types of fuel will increase by a good 1.5 cents.

Finally, the energy tax reduction for drivers of motor vehicles with autogas LPG expires at the end of the year. After all, there are also so-called “bi-fuel motorcycles” - but the gas tank has not become established here.

Warranty and updates

Anyone who previously discovered a defect in their newly purchased vehicle after six months and one day had to prove that this defect already existed when the contract was concluded. Not an easy task... Therefore, the reversal of the burden of proof was extended for another six months at the beginning of the year.

Buyers will also be better off when purchasing digital products in the future. Manufacturers of GPS and Co. have had to provide free updates for digital content since January 1st. However, the new regulation does not state how many months after this obligation will be lifted. In order to ensure the fairest possible time frame, this should only be decided based on future disputes based on current knowledge.

More safety on the roads

Finally, something in which two- and four-wheelers are very different: numerous innovations affect assistance and safety systems in passenger cars.

From July 2022, the regulations will initially apply to the type approval of new vehicles, and two years later they will apply to all new vehicles. The following installations are mandatory when the new regulation comes into force:

  • Smart speed assistant – signals excessive speed
  • Reversing assistant – signals obstacles behind the vehicle
  • Emergency lane departure warning: signals leaving the lane
  • Fatigue assistant: signals the driver's decreasing attention
  • Emergency braking assistant – brakes independently in dangerous situations

All of these safety systems apply to cars. The so-called turning assistance system was created for buses and trucks, which warns the driver of obstacles in the blind spot.

None of this applies to motorcycles - they only stabilize when you start driving. Automatic intervention in the brakes or steering would actually reduce the driver's safety. But it may not be long before other systems become mandatory here in addition to the mandatory cornering-capable ABS. Let's wait and see what comes next!

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