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Winter time is mothball time | Harley Davidson

When it gets cold, most bikes go into hibernation. However, he wants to be well prepared...

The easiest way to get your motorcycle through the winter is to visit your authorized dealer. Many dealers offer a special winter service. This includes professional technology checks and often even a collection and delivery service. Some even offer proper storage and reactivation of the bike in the spring.

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Anyone storing their Harley or Buell at home should follow some advice. First there is a thorough cleaning. Harley-Davidson has special products such as insect remover and Sunwash cleaning concentrate. The polished surfaces are then sealed with Harley Glaze polish or Harley Gloss. Metal or light metal surfaces, chrome and windshields require special care with special products from the Parts and Accessories range. It is ideal if the oil is changed before storage and the tire pressure is increased by 0.5 bar.


If you want to relieve the pressure on your tires, choose the motorcycle lifting device from the P&A range. If the tank is made of metal, it should be filled to avoid corrosion. If the machine has a carburettor, the float chamber must be emptied and the battery should be kept alive with a freshness device. The bike is best stored under a breathable Harley-Davidson tarpaulin in a dry, well-ventilated room.


When everything is done, nothing stands in the way of planning your first excursions and of course the next customizing measures. The current Genuine Motor Accessories and Genuine Motor Parts catalog helps with the latter - it's full of original accessories and lots of suggestions. Now available from your dealer!

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