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Zündwerk – Harley-Davidson Center Austria says goodbye!

The Harley-Davidson authorized dealer “Zündwerk Harley-Davidson Center” from Strasshof near Vienna is saying goodbye to its customers at the end of the year. The store will close on December 31, 2021 and the workshop will continue to operate until March 31, 2022 - possibly beyond if someone can be found to take over the workshop by then.

Harleysite wishes the entire team all the best and keeps our fingers crossed that things continue, stay healthy!

The Zündwerk team sent us the following information!

At the beginning there is always farewell...

At the beginning there is always farewell...

Dear customers, partners & colleagues, dear Zündwerk friends!

On Saturday, March 16, 2013, we opened our doors to you with joy and confidence. After 3,212 days, we will  the doors to Harley-Davidson sales again on December 31, 2021 , after long and intensive considerations

We didn't make the decision easy for ourselves, we didn't make it ad hoc or overnight, nor was it a financial emergency that led us to this decision. We have been carrying it for more than 2 years now , weighed up all the pros and cons and finally decided to take this step:

We look back with a happy smile on the wonderful years in which we were able to share our passion for the brand with you:

  • the Community
  • the festivals
  • the exits
  • the laughter and the happy beaming eyes when you take on a big wish: a Harley-Davidson!

We were able to win many of you as friends and are truly proud to call these people “Friends of the Zündwerk House”

On the other hand, however, over the last 4-5 years, HD's management changed and its daily work in almost all areas so that it has made difficult, if not almost impossible this Harley-Davidson Feeling of life that we all dream of in different ways and want to experience and feel living with you.

In addition, there are many political expressions of will in Austria and the EU , which are increasingly moving wonderful brand

The delivery and ordering situation - and it was always very challenging even before Corona - for motorcycles , parts and clothing , the model policy , the working relationship with the manufacturer and the manufacturer's orientation - off and online - on how to buy motorcycles, Wanting to sell accessories and clothing increased the frustration of all of us across the team almost daily.

Due to the dealer contract with HD, we are bound to precise specifications , which do not make it possible for us to expand the range . The manufacturer takes a very strict view of the dealer crossing a yellow line. Conversely, rather less strict. As Zündwerk, we have also and very intensively with the German/Austrian and also the European HD dealer association for improvements, closer cooperation, more transparency and a more customer-oriented orientation of the manufacturer .

Unfortunately with marginal success. It seems as if “where there is no will, there is no way”.

What the last 20 months have shown us, however, is how important it is not to bury our heads in the sand . To stay strongly positive 😉 and the best out of the circumstances, no matter how difficult and challenging it turns out to be. And you have to take a different path if the goal requires it. Even if it may hurt a lot for yourself.

So the decision was made that WE are the ones who are now turning off the lights in Zündwerk HD sales. WE who turned it up. Nobody else.

The reason why we waited so long to write this letter to you is as follows:

For several months we have been looking internally - as well as externally - for a new takeover of the workshop, as it extremely important to at least maintain it for you in this area

Unfortunately has (yet) to this day . But since the time has already progressed so far, we didn't want to wait any longer.

Now that the workshop through the winter with almost the existing team and there for you until March 31, 2022 , we are confident that a good solution will be found.

What's next for the next few weeks:

  • Our vehicle, parts and clothing sales are until December 23, 2021 .
  • We will  continue to operate the workshop until March 31, 2022 in order to complete all open orders as agreed.
  • We will be posting a list  of probably the  most important questions and answers on our website next few days

As soon as we are allowed to reopen to customers after the lockdown of course (!) available to you personally .

At the beginning there is always a farewell.

That's why we , the Harley-Davidson ignition workers, now say goodbye to you before the fallen curtain with  a deep bow full of gratitude and also pride.

With a tearful eye we look back on the last 9 years together with you .

We look to the future with a joyful eye and hope to welcome to the “Zündwerk – Living Room” from March 2022

The Zündwerk family continues! With this in mind: stay loyal and well disposed to us!

We would like to thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts for our time together at Harley-Davidson!

Kind regards,
Erich Windisch and the Zündwerk Harley-Davidson crew

Link to the Harley-Davidson Center Ignition Unit

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