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Daytona Bike Week 2025 Florida | USA

Daytona Bike Week 2025 in Florida

Daytona Bike Week 2024 will take place from February 28th to March 9th, 2025 for the 84th Anniversary in the USA - Daytona Beach Florida. The Sunshine State is the ideal country for motorcycle tours, there are many sights and good weather for cruising. The Daytona Bike Week is something special, a lot of Harleys ride up and down Main Street, it goes on like that all day long. There are small bars and shops everywhere that invite you to shop and chill out. According to current information, the event is going as planned. The USA is currently considering allowing entry from Europe again, so you could theoretically take part in the Daytona Bike Week in March 2023. You can apply for the ESTA (electronic travel authorization) now, it will be processed and processed just as quickly as usual and is valid for 2 years.

There is celebrity on Main Street

You can find small points all over the city, from the bike wash to the bar there are many biker meetings. Some clubs have also invited people to their own party, but they are more internal. Along with Sturgis, Bike Week is one of the largest Harley events in America. It is not so clear how many bikers are there every year, the truth is somewhere around 250,000 thousand visitors, but it is very spread out in this extensive area, so much so that there has already been talk of 500,000 thousand. If you want to drive on the beach, you won't be stopped, but the best tip is the “The Loop” tour. It goes a bit winding through the swamps of Daytona, and no one should miss it.

The Main Street in Daytona is the heart of the event

The spectacle takes place mainly on Main Street, on Thursday there is the Kraut Treffen above Main Street at midday. This is a small meeting where Germans meet casually to talk about petrol, which has developed over the years through the Dream Machines magazine .

Pictures from Daytona Bike Week

Pictures from the bike show, which takes place on Daytona Beach

On Friday there is the Bike Show on the Bordwalk on the beach, you have to see how it develops this year, the Bike Show has lost some ground, the Bike Show has had better times, it was really popular years ago, it is missing but more and more international top customizers.
The Rat's Hole Bike Show has moved several times in the last few years, but now it only takes place in Daytona during Biketoberfest. Unfortunately, it has diminished in recent years, and there have been fewer and fewer top customizers, which may be one reason for this. Let's see whether a new trend emerges in 2023. So far, the excavators with their big front inchers have been particularly popular, but there's probably not much more to come out of it now. Let's hope for something new! You can find pictures from Daytona in the photo gallery, a visit to Florida for Bike Week is definitely worth it. Basically, you can recommend the Daytona Bike Week adventure; you have to experience the party on Main Street before.

Arrival by plane

Daytona itself has an airport, but most people arrive via Orlando due to the flight connections, from where you can rent a rental car. It takes about 2 hours by car from Orlando airport to Daytona.

Accommodations in Daytona Beach

The Hard Rock Hotel is new in Daytona Beach, and you can hardly find a cooler place to stay during Daytona Bike Week

Book now here at the Hard Rock Hotel!

Book a hotel on the beach in Daytona Beach here now!

Information about traveling to the USA

Information about the international driving license
According to information from the ADAC when traveling to the USA recommended to only drive EU driving license in credit card format and an additional international driving license Due to a lack of legal basis for the recognition of a German driving license, the specified combination is recommended.
I was still able to rent vehicles in the USA with the old gray rag, but if you want to be on the safe side in the event of a problem, you should get an international one from the driving license office for around €15, usually for three Valid for years and is also recommended in countries such as Albania, Russia, Moldova and Belarus.


If you want to enter the USA from Germany, you need the ESTA, the electronic entry permit. The permit is valid for 2 years unless the passport has been renewed and costs $14 without service.
  • Your electronic passport
  • Private information (including but not limited to: parents' names, address and contact details
  • Your ID number
  • Information/name/address of current or previous employer
  • Emergency contact details – within or outside the United States (name, telephone number, email address)
  • Information about your accommodation/stay(s) in the USA (hotel, house, apartment – ​​with address and telephone number)
  • Authorized credit card for online payment

External link to ESTA registration

If you need a phone or internet in Daytona, there is a T-Mobile store in town where you can get prepaid cards for the USA. Your phone should be Simlock-free, even if you are with T-Mobile in Germany. But there are also cheap phones if your phone doesn't work as it should. T-Mobile Daytona

E-Sim prepaid card for the USA.

If you have a modern cell phone, such as the iPhone 11 Pro, you may be able to use an e-SIM when traveling abroad to be reachable in the USA. On some devices this even works to the extent that the main card uses the prepaid connection so that you can also be reached by phone with your normal number via WhatsApp. You can find a provider that offers t-Mobile and AT&T at the following link. There are also other providers, which looked quite cheap at first glance. You are welcome to send feedback on the offer. Web link Web link to the organizer page

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