#GreatestRides 8 – Czech Republic – Germany – Denmark – Sweden

 Czech Republic

Mr. Wayne in Prague
Mr. Wayne in Prague

He arrived in a beautiful city, with an incredible amount of culture and great, friendly people, a friendliness that Luis was able to experience on the entire tour. 

In Prague he was welcomed by the Prague Chapter and of course invited to a small talk at the Harley-Davidson dealer in Prague. Hospitality is very important here, they accompany him for many hours, even as far as Berlin. He Ross Chambers from Harley-Davidson , he is the HOG Manager for Central & Eastern Europe.

It's another very good sign of how Harley-Davidson connects the people of this world, no matter where Luis arrives, he will be welcomed with open arms!

But first there is a lot to tell about Prague. Take a look at the photos to get the best impression of Luis on his tour through the impressive city.


He arrived in Berlin for one night and brought the Prague chapter with him because they wanted to go on to the Harley Days in Hamburg and they would spend the evening together in Berlin. “O'zapft is!”... he can now get to know the good German beer at Pirates Berlin , but not too much of it, he should head straight to the port in Rostock the next morning.

A place that is happy and sad at the same time!


He didn't have much time in Berlin, but Germany is still coming, at the moment he's on his way to the far north of Europe! 

The trip from Prague to Berlin and Copenhagen in the video – DISCOVER MORE 2015


He and his Harley-Davidson are ready to take the Scandlines ferry to Denmark!


He starts in Denmark with the second stage of the DISCOVER MORE TOUR 2015, so far his 7700 km ride has gone through 13 beautiful European countries. The route from Trogir, Croatia to Copenhagen took up a few kilometers, what a tour, some people don't do it all year round!

Jamesville Custom Bike
Jamesville Custom Bike

In Denmark he met a Harley biker with a Jamesville custom bike, an amazing machine full of surprises, together with his Discover More Street Glide they took a ride through the back streets of Copenhagen. Until he realized that he was traveling with the customizer himself and was quickly invited to his workshop!

His trip through Denmark was quick but good; the visit to the custom bike workshop in Jamesville particularly impressed Luis.

Sweden - A piece of paradise in this world


He'll only spend one night in Sweden, but it's spectacular! Sweden has so much to offer, great lakes, straight and good roads through nature, lots of forests that can be seen on the route through the beautiful country and of course moose, but they are very shy and when they are not running across the road very difficult to discover.

At the moment he is on the direct route to Norway , the mountains are already attracting him like a magnet, his destination is Trondheim and the route takes him along the legendary Atlantic Road ! A dream for bikers!

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