In Barstow you can find an original section of the old Route 66
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Over the mountain range from Los Angeles to Barstow

The next morning in Barstow on Route 66, the sun is shining and it's really warm, we stayed in a classic American hotel.

The Quality Inn is a 2 star hotel, but we would give the hotel one more star, everything was clean, very comfortable beds, flat screen TV, refrigerator and also air conditioned. There is even a simple but well-kept pool in the courtyard of the complex. The hotel is not the typical holiday hotel; Americans are more likely to be passing through.

The staff is very nice, we received a very friendly welcome late in the evening at the reception, which is staffed all day long.

Cool staff and a great breakfast!

Breakfast was served to us by a very nice waitress in RockaBilly style, which is certainly her private style, but it absolutely suited the hotel.

The breakfast was really great, with yoghurt and fresh fruit, even strawberries and melon, a great, delicious omelet and coffee, that was all included in this hotel.

Railway bridge in Barstow
Railway bridge in Barstow

The new day can begin well strengthened, after checking out we drove to the gas station opposite the hotel to fill up, it's always advisable to have enough to drink with you, you never know!

On our tour list today was the Motheroad Museum and the Santa Fe train station, both of which are on the outskirts of Barstow. Unfortunately, the museum is only open on weekends, but this area where the museum is is still worth a visit, there is a really nice nostalgic bridge there that you can drive over, it has something special about it.

The old train station with its old stories, there are still old locomotives and wagons from the Santa Fe Railway Company here, a large track system shows that this must have really been an important transshipment point, it is definitely worth a visit for a photo.

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We rode the route past the old train station a little further into the desert, unfortunately one of our bikes wasn't doing so well, the one from Hermann was getting hotter and hotter. The problem couldn't be solved so easily, so we quickly called EagleRider

We have agreed on a meeting point at Denny's Burger where we want to exchange the machines, but that would take a few hours. The EagleRider service set off straight away, but the distances are simply long and it's really difficult to get around by car, especially in the cities.

After we tested Denny's Burgers extensively, the service department replaced the machine and everything went really smoothly. Denny's Burger is open 24 hours a day, if you want to eat a good steak you will find very good food here at a reasonable price. We really liked it, the staff were also very friendly, they carried things after us that we had left behind had.

However, it gets dark after 7:00 p.m. in March, which meant we had to make our drive towards Death Valley in the dark. The LED headlights from the Harley-Davidson E-Glide had to give their all, they illuminated the streets really well.

We noticed especially in the curves how important the two additional headlights are; they particularly illuminate the close side area when cornering.

Coyotes cross the highway in front of us at night

In the evening the temperatures can drop quickly, sometimes 15 degrees were not uncommon, this is explained by the difference in altitude. At night we even saw coyotes running along the route in the desert, otherwise you don't see many animals on the tour.

We arrived at Stovepipe Wells late in the evening, right in the middle of Death Valley! However, it is pitch black, we won't see what it looks like until the next morning, so now it's time to say GOOD NIGHT.

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2 thoughts on “Part 3 – USA Tour Story | Barstow is a great place, right off Route 66”

  1. Hi,
    well written report.
    In 2018 we toured the old “66” from Flagstaff to Barstow and then stayed overnight there. From our Motel6 we walked about a kilometer to a restaurant in the early evening. On the way, a local resident spoke to us and warned us not to be pedestrians here (main street), very dangerous, as robberies often occur... Maybe it's useful to know ;-))
    So long.

    1. Hello Wally, yes, tips like these are always good, especially on this route under normal circumstances there are a lot of people on the road. Thank you, greetings Volker

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