#GreatestRides 3 – Italy and Switzerland

France #GreatestRides 3
France #GreatestRides 3

The last kilometers through France take him along the countryside around Camargue in France, where a lot of vegetables, fruit and especially rice are grown. The alluvium offers favorable conditions for the cultivation of rice fields and the resulting moisture in the soil, provides a basis for life for a lot of insects and thus also for the entire ecosystem.  

France #GreatestRides 3
France #GreatestRides 3

This in turn helps preserve other animals such as birds and fish. Fortunately, the human hand keeps the landscape in good condition to preserve this important ecosystem. Should we do the same in other places to achieve true sustainability?!

Au revoir France!!! Bongiorno Italia!!!

His route takes him directly to Doues in Italy, now he gets to know the border triangle, certainly one of the most beautiful stages on his route. He has now completed the first 2,500 km on his Harley and feels almost faint from the wonderful experience, so a cold head shower helps a lot!

Italia Greatest Rides 3
Italia Greatest Rides 3

The European Community is a miracle of beauty. Everyone drives from one side to the other side of the border and nothing happens. Most people obviously respect the rules.

The care of the environment is much stricter than in Mexico, where Luis's actual home is, and the landscapes are really beautiful. The preservation and expansion involves enormous work over many generations. He drove through the passage of San Bernardo, he quickly realized that this is what is really missing in Mexico, it makes clear what is waiting for the country in terms of a long-term future for Mexico.

Help lay the foundation for holistic development, even if we are not the ones who will enjoy it later. This is true nationalism.

France Mr. Wayne #GreatestRides-3
France Mr. Wayne #GreatestRides-3

The first single world will be when we understand and learn from what happened. It requires centuries of continuous work, not party projects that are reinvented every six years.

Now a word about Mr. Wayne, he is his mascot on the tour, he always appears in the photos of the stage, everyone has their own quirk, a cool idea from Luis!

In the video you can see his ride through the St. Bernard Pass, a place that could very well be heaven on earth!


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