The new Harley-Davidson CVO models 2023
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CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide are powered by the Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121

FRANKFURT (June 7, 2023) – Two new, limited premium models from Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) will make the Harley-Davidson driving experience even more impressive in the future. These are the new CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) and the new CVO Road Glide (FLTRXSE), which will be presented by the Motor Company in mid-2023.

They offer even more advanced technology, even greater driver comfort and even more dynamic performance than previous CVO types, and they are powered by the new, powerful Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 V-Twin. Its exclusive, new design represents the visual further development of the Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring platform.

Presentation of the Harley-Davidson CVO model 2023

New, fascinating design

The 2023 CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide open a new chapter in Harley-Davidson motorcycle design. The fascinating new look ensures dynamic lines of the key components of the motorcycle: fairing, tank, side covers and case. The result is a visual change that is clearly based on the familiar design of previous Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring motorcycles, but significantly develops it further.

  • CVO Street Glide Fairing
    The new Batwing fairing, exclusive to the CVO Street Glide, retains its basic T-shape look, but the silhouette has been updated to create a more dynamic overall appearance. The splitstream ventilation is now fully integrated into the design and the fairing also extends under the headlight. A distinctive design element is the Signature LED light sources, which ensure that the machine is highly recognizable, not just at night. To sharpen the clean look of the fairing, the amber LED indicators have been integrated into the left and right light strips, eliminating the need for separate direction indicators.
2023 CVO Road Glide fairing
2023 CVO Road Glide fairing
  • Fairing of the CVO Road Glide
    With the new CVO Road Glide fairing, the designers present a decisive and athletic update of the classic Road Glide Sharknose fairing. To create a flowing look, the lower edge of the fairing body faces the shapes of the tank, and the lower fairing panels face the front cylinder. The wide LED headlight appears to consist of two elements - a visual reminiscence of previous Road Glide fairings. The W-shape of the Signature LED light sources ensures that the CVO Road Glide is immediately recognizable.
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There are additional new design elements in both models. The front fender has been kept slimmer than before in order to reduce the visual mass at the front of the motorcycle and draw more attention to the characteristic wheel, the upside-down fork and the Brembo radial brake calipers. The new 6-gallon (22.7 L) fuel tank features two edges in the shoulder area. The shape of the side covers corresponds to the three-dimensional appearance of the side cases, harmonizes with the fairing and the tank and underlines the visual dynamism of the side line.

Although the new cases appear more compact than their predecessors, they offer more space for luggage and speakers. With the combination of black, contrast-milled cast light alloy rims and wire spokes, the new Combo Cast Laced Wheels in 19 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear make a statement for individuality. Their design also enables the use of the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system on a wire-spoke wheel.

Paint and finish

The new CVO Street Glide and the new CVO Road Glide are offered in two paint finishes:

  • The basic version uses Dark Platinum with Bright Smoked Satin Pinstriping . The interior areas of the cladding were also coated accordingly. The drive train and air filter are finished in gloss black and have chrome accents on the inserts of the V2. The lower portion of the two-piece rocker box cover, pushrod tubes and exhaust were finished in Scorched Chrome. The Parts and Accessories of the Adversary Collection are powder-coated black and feature milled accents.
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The two-tone version is optional and available at an additional cost

Whiskey Neat & Raven Metallic

Available with color-coordinated interior lining. This intricate paint job is applied by hand, layering Raven Metallic surfaces over the deep orange Whiskey Neat base and airbrushing accents. Bright orange pinstripes separate the color areas from each other. The drive train and air filter are finished in gloss black and have orange highlights on the engine inserts. The lower portion of the two-piece rocker housing cover is painted Whiskey Neat, and the pushrod tubes and exhaust are chrome plated. The corresponding parts and accessories of the Adversary Collection have a double anodized black and orange finish.

First-class performance

The new Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 is used exclusively in the new CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models. In terms of displacement and performance, the 121 cui (1,977 cm 3 ) 45-degree V-twin sets new standards at Harley-Davidson. Compared to the Milwaukee-Eight 117 of the previous models, the European homologation is expected to offer around 8 percent more torque and around 12 percent more power.

In addition, it dissipates less waste heat to the driver and scores with an attractive sound. The new features of the Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 include optimized, liquid-cooled cylinder heads with a new cooling system, variable valve timing (VVT) and a new intake tract. A balancer shaft reduces its vibrations.

Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121

  • Displacement: 121 cui (1,977 cm3)
  • Bore x Stroke: 103.5mm x 117.5mm
  • Compression ratio: 11.4:1
  • Torque: 183 Nm/3500 rpm (expected European homologation)
  • Power: 86 kW (117 HP)/5020 rpm (expected European homologation)

New features of the Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121:

Compared to an otherwise identical engine with conventional valve timing, variable valve timing (VVT) the usable speed range, optimizes the torque curve and improves fuel efficiency, resulting in greater range. The electronic engine control ensures a continuously variable valve overlap in the range of 40 degrees of crankshaft rotation or 20 degrees of camshaft rotation. Compared to similar motorcycles with a Milwaukee-Eight 117, the reduction in average fuel consumption can be approximately 3 to 5 percent*.

An optimized cooling system in the area of ​​the exhaust valves of the cylinder heads reduces engine waste heat, which the driver could find annoying, especially at low speeds and in hot weather.

CVO 2023 Harley-Davidson cooling circuit
The coolant is routed first to the rear cylinder head and then to the front cylinder head.

The new four-valve cylinder heads have newly designed coolant channels in the exhaust valve area. An electric pump ensures the circulation of the coolant, supplying first the hotter rear cylinder head and then the front cylinder head. The cooler is located in the lower front area of ​​the frame and is equipped with a thermostatically controlled fan.

The new cylinder heads feature a redesigned combustion chamber with oval intake ports and flat intake valve seats. In this way, the speed and spiral turbulence of the intake mixture and therefore the filling level are increased in order to significantly optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption*. Harley-Davidson has increased the compression ratio from 10.2:1 (2022 Milwaukee-Eight 117) to 11.4:1, increasing torque at lower speeds and reducing fuel consumption*. The higher compression is made possible by the improved layout of the cylinder head cooling, the optimized combustion and improved knock sensors.

Compared to the Milwaukee-Eight 117, the new high-performance camshaft provides a larger lift and longer valve opening times, which helps increase power and torque. In accordance with the requirements of the camshaft, the valve train was equipped with high-performance tappets and new bearings as well as adapted valve springs for a larger lift.

A new intake tract contributes to higher performance and lower emissions. The diameter of the throttle plate was increased from 55 mm on the Milwaukee-Eight 117 to 58 mm and the throttle plate was positioned closer to the cylinders and intake valves to improve intake airflow.

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Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121
Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121
Milwaukee Eight 117
Milwaukee Eight 117

The newly shaped light metal intake manifold ensures more direct intake and a smoother transition from the round throttle valve to the oval intake channels. New intake components improve turbulence and increase the mass throughput by approximately 7.5 percent and the intake speed by approximately 10.3 percent. Injectors with a high capacity of 5.5 grams/second supply the engine with the right amount of mixture as needed.

A new airbox replaces the Heavy Breather air filter that was used on many CVO Milwaukee-Eight 117 engines. At 4.0 liters, its volume is around 50 percent more than the Heavy Breather, which contributes to increased performance as there is more space for the integrated intake tract, allowing for a larger intake air volume. The new intake tract is lighter, requires fewer parts, has no exposed fasteners and significantly reduces intake noise compared to the Heavy Breather.

The alternator's charging capacity Their capacity at idle and at cruising speed is now higher to meet the needs of additional electrical consumers while optimally supplying the battery.


The exhaust gases escape through a high-performance exhaust , the silencer diameter of which has been increased from 4.0 inches (10.16 cm) in the previous models to 4.5 inches (11.43 cm). The engineers perfectly tailored its aerodynamic properties to the engine tuning. Sound and volume have been optimized within the framework of legal requirements, so that an impressive sound is created - especially when accelerating - which sets the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide apart from other touring models with standard exhaust.

An improved shift drum with redesigned idle geometry in the 6 Speed ​​Cruise Drive transmission makes it easier to find and engage the idle.

Further technical optimizations

In order to best realize the performance of the new Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121, the engineers when developing the CVO Street Glide and the CVO Road Glide took into account every technical aspect that could affect performance and comfort.

The curb weight of both machines has been significantly reduced compared to the previous models - by 14 kg for the CVO Street Glide and by 15 kg for the CVO Road Glide (each without operating materials). Wherever possible, gram for gram was saved. The lower weight improves performance in terms of deceleration, handling and acceleration and makes it easier to lift the machine from the side stand, balance while stationary and maneuver.  

high-performance chassis components also ensure optimized handling and a significant improvement in driving comfort compared to previous CVO models .

  • The front wheel is guided by a 47 mm Showa upside-down fork , which supports easy handling by being very torsion-resistant and sensitive to ensure safe contact of the wheel with the road. Your suspension travel is 117 mm.

At 76 mm, the suspension travel at the rear is over 40 percent larger than in the previous models for the 2022 model year. The Showa shock absorbers with dual outboard emulsion technology have a new hydraulic preload regulator, which is located in front of the left case. This means that the preload can be readjusted without tools and without dismantling the case when luggage or a passenger comes on board.

Adjusting the preload for the primary loading condition (the condition in which the bike is most frequently used; e.g. with rider only or with rider and passenger) is done by removing the right case and adjusting it using the tool provided.

To ensure first-class suspension comfort under a wide range of load conditions, the rebound damping can also be adjusted. With the cases removed, the adjustment is made using an adjuster on the underside of each shock absorber.

for the deceleration , ensuring a precise braking feel and excellent braking performance. The front twin discs are actuated by powerful, new Brembo four-piston brake calipers, which have been mounted radially. The engineers increased the diameter of the front brake discs from 300 mm (previous models) to 320 mm. The 300 mm brake disc on the rear wheel works with a four-piston Brembo brake caliper.

The light sources of the new machines enable better visibility in the dark and perfect visibility by other road users. The lighting was made entirely using LED technology, which also underlines the style. Instead of annoying hot spots, the LED headlights of both models produce a very even light distribution.

The signature lighting consists of a light element that surrounds the headlight and light sources on the fairing flanks. It ensures a distinctive appearance for both CVO bikes. A shutdown sequence keeps the light sources operating for 10 seconds after the vehicles are parked.

The designers also integrated the front indicators into this signature lighting. They capture the viewer's eye and underline the clean look of the front end. At the rear, lights are used that combine taillights, brake lights and direction indicators and are mounted between the rear fender and the cases.

For the first time, the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models now offer selectable driving modes that electronically control the performance characteristics of the engine and the intensity of intervention by the assistance systems. Each mode affects power delivery, engine braking, cornering ABS (C-ABS) and cornering traction control (C-TCS). With a few exceptions, the desired driving mode can be selected using the mode button while driving or when the machine is stationary. The display acknowledges the choice with the corresponding symbol.

  • Road: The balanced Road mode is intended for everyday use. The engine offers a less sharp power delivery than in Sport mode. C-ABS and C-TCS intervene earlier.
  • Sport: Sport mode offers the most unfiltered interaction between driver and machine. The rider experiences the full performance potential of the motorcycle directly and with the highest precision, with unlimited peak performance and full revving pleasure. The C-TCS works at the lowest sensible level and with increased engine braking effect in coasting mode.
  • Rain: This mode is designed for rain or otherwise limited traction. This makes it ideal for riders who are still getting familiar with the motorcycle. Revving speed and power are significantly reduced in favor of manageable acceleration, as is the engine braking effect, while C-ABS and C-TCS work at the highest level.
  • Custom: Two freely programmable custom modes allow the driver to configure characteristics specifically tailored to their personal preferences via the touchscreen display. Within certain limits, he can set the engine characteristics, braking effect and revving as desired, as well as the intensity of the C-TCS and C-ABS interventions.

The Rider Safety Enhancements of the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models are an assistance system package that supports the driver in unexpected dangerous situations or unfavorable road conditions by adapting the engine's power delivery to the available traction - for example when accelerating or decelerating becomes. For this purpose, the electronics access the braking system and the drive train.

KessTech Pro-Line exhaust system

The CVO Street Glide and the CVO Road Glide have the following systems:

  • Reflex braking system with corner-optimized electronic brake force distribution (C-ELB)
  • Cornering anti-lock braking system (C-ABS)
  • Cornering traction control (C-TCS), adjustable via driving modes
  • Cornering traction control (C-DTSC)
  • Vehicle Hold Assist (VHC)
  • Tire air pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
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Aerodynamics and thermal comfort

are improved by new fairings with streamlined windows, which are part of a new, aerodynamic concept. Each element of this concept was developed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, wind tunnel analysis and real-world testing, with a focus on further reducing turbulence in the rider's helmet area at higher speeds.

Compared to the fairings and windows of previous Grand American Touring models, the synthesis of optimized aero design and adjustable elements results in a significant improvement in overall aerodynamic comfort.

  • In wind tunnel tests, the subjectively perceived turbulence on the driver's helmet was reduced by an average of 60 percent compared to corresponding 2022 models.
  • With the new, adjustable air channels in the central area of ​​the fairings of both models, the air flow can be conveniently regulated according to the ambient conditions and the driver's clothing. The system design calms the pressure conditions behind the fairing and thus reduces air turbulence on the helmet.
  • With the new, adjustable air control elements in the rear area of ​​the CVO Road Glide fairing, more or less air can be directed to the driver's body depending on his wishes and comfort.
  • The new, adjustable air deflectors on the fork of the CVO Street Glide help reduce wind turbulence in the rider's head area.
  • The new engine cooling system further improves thermal comfort for the driver compared to the Precision Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 117 engines in previous CVO models - especially at low speeds and hot weather.

Long-distance ergonomics

  • A redesigned seat contour and new upholstery materials offer a significant improvement in long-distance comfort for most drivers. The seat is shaped to rotate the rider's hips to a neutral position relative to the spine, reducing back and neck fatigue. The seat height of the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide is 67.8 cm (with rider).
  • The front brake lever is adjustable so that its position can be optimally adapted to the driver's hand size.
  • There are two ports for heated equipment under the seat.
  • The standard heated grips can now be adjusted either on the grip or via the infotainment display.

The new handlebars of the CVO Road Glide are now ergonomically optimized and have an adjustment range of 27 degrees to offer the driver's hands more comfort, especially on long journeys.

New infotainment with Skyline OS

The CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models use a new infotainment system based on the Skyline Operating System. The new TFT color touchscreen is the most technologically advanced display ever offered on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It replaces all analog instruments and most switches found in previous CVO motorcycles. The premium display has been designed to be bright and clear, offers three viewing options and is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

NOTE : CarPlay from the driver's Apple cell phone can be used via the display. Android Auto is not yet available, but Android users can already stream music and make or receive calls via the system. A compatible wireless headset is required to use certain features. A headset is included.

Harley Factory Group 2022

The CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models feature the following new infotainment features:

  • The 12.3-inch TFT screen is 90 percent larger diagonally and 400 percent larger in terms of screen area than the 6.5-inch BOOM! Box GTS screen of earlier CVO models. It is brighter and presents the driver with more information in a clear and concise manner.
  • The touchscreen can also be operated with gloves and is insensitive to rain or other natural influences. It is not deactivated while driving, but some of its functions are not available. In order to minimize interaction with the touchscreen, the interface to the driver is primarily established via controls on the handlebars.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables wireless connection to the driver's mobile phone and the provision of live services such as traffic, weather and navigation map updates.
  • The new speech recognition system is conversational and does not rely on fixed prompts. This allows the driver to say general requests such as “Find a gas station” to carry out a search in the navigation. Free map updates for the integrated navigation system are available for three years.
  • The new touchscreen interface allows the driver to activate the ECU programming required to install certain accessories (e.g. fog lights and heated grips). While these updates were previously carried out by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer, the owner can now install the corresponding accessories themselves.
  • The Bluetooth receiver for wireless headsets is now integrated into the system - a separate module is no longer required.
  • The CVO Road Glide's interior panel features a left and right media compartment, each large enough to fit most standard cell phones in their protective cases. The right compartment is equipped with a USB-C port.
  • The CVO Street Glide interior trim features a media compartment under the infotainment screen. It is equipped with a high quality lining to protect mobile phones from scratches. With a width of approx. 25 cm and a depth of approx. 20 cm, it offers significantly more volume than the previous media compartment of the Batwing fairing and is designed for most current mobile devices including a case. Harley-Davidson also equips it with a USB-C port.
  • The CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models are equipped with a high-quality, high-performance Harley-Davidson Stage II audio system powered by Rockford Fosgate, which features a new 4-channel amplifier with 500 watts RMS.
  • The audio system includes Harley-Davidson Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate
    Stage II 3-way fairing speakers measuring 6.5 inches and Stage II
    3-way speakers measuring 5 x 7 inches in the cases, each capable of 150 watts RMS .
  • Several preset EQ curves are available via the touchscreen (e.g.: Rock and Dance). Additionally, the 7-band equalizer can be used to create custom sound settings.
  • Harley-Davidson Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate Stage III 6x9-inch speakers for the cases are available through the Genuine Parts & Accessories program and can be powered by the stock 500-watt amplifier.

Screen display options

The driver can choose between three screen display options:


  • Cruise : The most traditional representation shows a separate speedometer and tachometer with fuel level and engine temperature gauges on the sides. Some widget information can be displayed in the tachometer.
  • Sport : This view is designed for dynamic use and places a tachometer in the center of the display. The digital speedometer is centrally integrated into the tachometer. The view expands the space for widgets so more information can be displayed.
  • Tour : This view is intended for travel and displays a central navigation map with turn-by-turn arrows via Apple CarPlay or the integrated navigation system. Widget information can be displayed to the right of the map. If desired, the latter can be expanded to cover a larger part of the display area in full view.

High Contrast Mode : The driver can change the appearance of the display to extra high contrast mode. When Auto High Contrast Day/Night Mode is enabled, the display automatically switches between high contrast and dark mode depending on the ambient light.

Widgets : The driver can use the Trip Switch to select the widget to be displayed. Additionally, a “Blank” widget is provided for users who only want to display minimal content.

  • The cruise layout accommodates minimal widget information: compass, tire pressure monitoring system, outside temperature and range, trip meter A/B and average fuel consumption.

The Sport and Tour layouts offer more information options: tire pressure control system , target air pressure, trip meter A/B, compass, average speed, travel time, outside temperature, date, range, engine temperature and playlist or radio stations.

Harley-Davidson Ride Planner : The routes configured on the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner website can be transferred to the integrated navigation system using the HD app. The HD app also informs owners of any available firmware updates for their infotainment system.

The Motor Company is presenting the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide at the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Festival, June 22-25 in Budapest, and at the Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival, June 13-25 on July 16, 2023 in Milwaukee, USA. Both models are expected to be available from August.

CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) and CVO Road Glide (FLTRXSE) – specifications and prices

Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121

Displacement: 1,977 cm3

Power: 86 kW (117 HP) at 5,020 rpm (expected information in accordance with European homologation)

Max. torque: 183 Nm at 3,500 rpm (probably according to European homologation)

Curb weight (excluding operating fluids) FLHXSE CVO Street Glide: 363 kg

Curb weight (excluding operating fluids) FLTRXSE CVO Road Glide: 375 kg

Suspension travel (rear): 76 mm

Chassis components: Showa (upside-down fork at the front)

Brake components: Brembo (front: two brake discs, four-piston calipers, radially mounted)

Lighting entirely in LED technology with Signature Lighting at the front

Infotainment system with Skyline OS and 12.3-inch TFT color touchscreen

Audio system powered by Rockford Fosgate, Stage II, 500 watts (RMS), four speakers

Recommended retail prices Germany

CVO Street Glide: from 45,495 euros

CVO Road Glide: from 45,495 euros 

Recommended retail prices Austria

CVO Street Glide: from 55,195 euros

CVO Road Glide: from 55,195 euros 

Expected to be available from August 2023

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