Grenoble FR - Mr Wayne
Harley-Davidson Hamburg South May 2023

#GreatestRides 2 - Grenoble - France

The Alps! Something previously unknown to him evokes emotions; he drives through the mountains for the first time and is overwhelmed. So many gorges, stories, films and myths surrounding a natural wonder, excellent roads, fantastic food and wine, an incredible experience that suddenly comes to mind and now he can really say that he is living the dream.

The dream tour through the south of France is planned until June 4th, then he continues to Switzerland until June 6th, another dream destination on the roadmap, what awaits him there! Even more mountains and also beautiful lakes in the valleys of the Alps. The trail of good wine doesn't end there either, but you can only enjoy it, like anything that's fun, only in moderation, except for cruising, which is enough for now!

House of Flames Anniversary Party in Ulm

But he still enjoys the wonderful nature of southern France and stops in Grenoble.

part 3

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