On the Harley's we experience the indescribable Death Valley desert

The night was short, we fell out of bed early because we were far too curious about where we ended up in the night. The drive to Death Valley was very exciting, it got pretty cold at times on the tour and we even ran into coyotes, but at night it could also be a puma.

But now the sun has already risen and it's really nice and warm around our noses. Harley’s are right in front of the door , the Stovepipe Wells Hotel is really cool, we got a little cowboy feeling when we saw the saloon and the breakfast room.

Old rustic wood and many pictures from the cowboy and Indian era hang on the wall, a great feeling when you think that John Wayne once rode here and drew his gun countless times. We all know the films that were often filmed national park

It is one of the hottest places on earth in summer; we had very pleasant temperatures over 30 degrees in March. At the Stovepipe Wells Hotel they offer two breakfast options, one standard and the buffet which we opted for, if you like scrambled eggs for breakfast you need the upgrade, I mean it was $8 but worth it.

In the checkout area there is a great overview map of the region with excursion tips. Well, if you look at the map you will quickly see that you can easily spend two nights Death Valley The Mojave Desert is something more than just a desert, it has something special, whether it's the stories or these huge valleys and mountain ranges on the horizon, just great.

Letting the sunset in front of the saloon end with a beer is something you might like.
There is a gas station , but they only have 75 octane, which we didn't want to fill up with because EagleRider told us to fill up with 92 octane. Our Harley BoomBox us a gas station in Panamint Springs , which was 30 miles in the other direction, but we were also curious about the route.

And we were rewarded, an incredibly beautiful route, up and down again, suddenly the path opens up in front of us into a huge valley surrounded by long mountain ranges, what a wonderful feeling to drive through this valley Highway goes dead straight.

Highway to Heaven

Then at some point we found the quaint gas station, which we noticed straight away: once again there was a driver with a flat tire who was struggling to get the spare wheel out of his car, that wasn't going as it should.


There were lots of old engines standing around here, even an old 6-cylinder Deutz engine , which was probably once used to drive a waterworks.
Here we were able to fill up on gas and drinks, and after a short photo session we returned, although we had to stop every now and then.

The desert to the left and right of the highway is simply fascinating, but it can get really hot right here in midsummer. Fifty degrees are not uncommon here; in the early 1970s, well over seventy degrees were measured here. Nothing works here anymore, but that shouldn't bother us at the moment.

We are now on the way to Las Vegas , we will arrive there in the early evening, the route is simply breathtaking, there is actually nothing here except the indescribably beautiful nature. seems a bit unbelievable that even plants can grow and bloom in Death Valley creosote bush glows yellow, it has already rained a bit this year, then nature literally explodes, that was a great spectacle , the plant has really spread in the merciless desert.

At some point we the border to Nevada Harleys , but there is no border control here, there was a biker bar right on the border, but it said close on the door, it somehow looked as if the sign had been hanging there for a long time. Next to it was a squeaky old wind turbine, it sounded like something from the movie “Play me the song of death” . But we didn't have time for that now, at the next big intersection there was a big gas station and Phil's Area 51 Alien Grill , so you have to watch the video, Phil's grill is straight through the gas station, past the toilets, which is something gives something to think about.

Recordings with the 360° Panono Cam

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After adventures with Phil, where we felt really American, we continued towards Las Vegas . An endlessly long highway, simply amazing, at some point on the right on Highway 95 came the infamous prison just before Vegas, once we passed it, it didn't take long and the desert city of Las Vegas in all its splendor.

The sun was setting, just the right time for Vegas when we got there. Our destination is the CircusCircus Casino Hotel, located directly on Las Vegas Blvd. is a large hotel, we parked our Harley's in the parking garage, that was the first time that we didn't have our bikes right in front of the door, but we haven't stayed on the 29th floor before. We had reached the top of Las Vegas, at least at the top of the hotel, an amazing view.

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The hotel was clean, air conditioned, a very nice bathroom, but no fridge and not particularly quiet, at least in our case we had a few parties in our hotel hallway.
So far the hotel was good, there was a lot of shopping and a lot of entertainment on offer.
That wasn't that important to us personally; we were still a little hungry and thirsty for a simple beer after our long tour. However, it is a bit difficult, there is nothing easy in Las Vegas, we are on Las Vegas Blvd. We walked straight into the center, where everything was lit up and flashing, we got our beer for 10 dollars in some casino, but my friend Hermann saved the one-armed bandit by 100 dollars.

It's pure madness, even the 3D neon sign fascinates you, but we've already experienced so much that day that it's time for us to say goodnight!

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